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Some of our stalls
Koffie Mobile Barrista
Peter the Swiss Butcher's pupular dried meats and sausages at the Marlborough Farmers Market

The Swiss Butcher

Nutt Ranch
Craft Pate
Field Fresh
Isobel Olives Award winning olive oil
Ritual Coffee Cart

Goats Amore

Boom! Sauce, Spice and BBQ

Garden Bees (Honey)

Hedgerows Strawberries

Golden Mile Produce

Koromiko Free Range Eggs

Fresh Fish


Snail House Bakery

Pinoli Pine Nuts

Ritual Coffee Cart

Traditional Country Preserves

Interested in becoming a stall holder?

Here’s what you do! 1. Read operating guidelines below to see if your stall/products fit within the MFM criteria. 2. If you are not sure if it does, please complete the registration of interest to the right or 4. alternatively, you can download the application, complete it and bring it directly to our information stall at the Market or return it by email. Once your application is received and has been considered by the committee, we’ll contact you about your application to discuss it further. The better the description you give us about your proposed stall and its products, the more accurate the assessment we can make. 

Registration of interest

Criteria which will influence the success of your application to become a stallholder

1. Produce to be sold must be grown/caught/processed within the area of the Whangamoa Saddle to the North and the Conway River to the South. Produce from outside this area will be considered according to the needs of the market. 2. All products for sale must be edible. Exceptions to this rule are: – cut flowers, edible plants/seedlings, compost, natural fertilizer and worm farms. 3. Preference will be given firstly to stallholders who have grown or reared the product themselves and secondly to those who have added value to local produce through a process such as cooking, smoking or pickling 4. Marlborough Farmers’ Market committee controls the number of stalls able to sell any particular product. The number of stalls selling similar products is dependent on customer demand and may be restricted for this reason.

How to apply to become a stallholder

1. Applications to be a Stallholder must be submitted on the official Application Form and will be considered at the next committee meeting (usually the last Monday of the month). Stallholders wanting to sell products not listed on their original application will be required to complete a new application form for committee approval. 2. All stallholders must become members of the Marlborough Farmers’ Market through an annual subscription which is currently $30.00 (2015). Membership fees are due during October of each year or at your first market attendance post 1st October of each year. 3. Only goods approved in the original stallholder application can be sold. If the stallholder wishes to sell additional products another application will need to be made. 4. Stallholders who are inconsistent in attendance or absent from the market for more than 3 weeks without notifying the Site Manager and/or committee may be required to re-submit their application to become a stallholder. 5. Two representatives of the committee may visit any stallholder’s business operation to ascertain the authenticity of goods sold. Prior warning will be given for any such visit. 6. The committee reserves the right to make changes to the conditions outlined above. Any changes made will be implemented with adequate (at least 2 weeks) notification and will be binding on all vendors. 7. Application forms are available at the Information Stall or download it here. Please leave your completed application at the Information Stall or sent it by email.

Operating rules

1. The responsibility for operating the Market and ensuring that all stallholders adhere to these Terms and Conditions rests with the Site Manager. The identity of the Site Manager will be displayed at the Information Stall. 2. The Site Manager has the authority, to refuse entry or ask to any person or group of people to leave the market place in the event of non compliance with any of these terms and conditions or for any other reason deemed appropriate at the time. The site manager will give notice which may be verbal as to the reason for the decision. 3. In the event of any disagreement to being refused entry or being asked to leave the person or people must abide by the decision but may lodge a formal complaint with the MFM committee through the procedure identified below. 4. The stall must be operated by the producer or someone directly involved in the production of the goods. The applicant is considered to be the stallholder and is at all times responsible for the behavior of his/her staff, payment of stall fees, and presentation of the stall. 5. The market is held on Sundays from 9am to 12 noon at the A&P showgrounds. Stallholders will be allocated a site by the site manager. Stallholders should be ready to trade by 8.45am each market day and will not dismantle their stall until after 12 noon, even if their product has sold out. 6. Unless permission has been given by the site manager, Stallholders may only sell the produce which they have listed on their application form and which has been approved by committee. 7. It is the stallholder’s responsibility to inform the site manager if they are unable to make a market. To avoid a cancellation fee, 24 hours notice must be given to the site manager of any change in attendance. 8. All stallholders must abide by the regulations set by Marlborough District Council and relevant National bodies. This includes current food licenses, electrical and gas certificates (if appropriate) which must be displayed at all times. BioGro and other organic certification must also be displayed by stallholders with these credentials. Only stallholders with this certification can advertise their goods as ‘organic’. Labeling of products must comply with the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code (www.foodstandards.govt.nz) 9. Site fees must be paid promptly –either on invoice each month or weekly to the Administrator. Stallholders may be charged for days of non attendance if sufficient notice (24 hours)was not given to the site manager. 10. A standard Stall site is no larger than 3×3 metres. If you require a bigger area you will need the prior approval of the Site Manager. An additional charge may be levied for larger stall. 11. Signage must include the Vendor’s business name and clear pricing of items for sale. 12. Rubbish bins are provided for the public. Each stallholder is responsible for disposing of their own rubbish on the day. 13. Approval to trade cannot be transferred to a third party by a current stallholder. A stallholder who sells his/her business in whole or in part cannot offer their site at the market as part of a sale contract. The new owner must make a new application to trade which will be considered as per criteria above.

Health and Safety Rules

1. For safety reasons, no vehicle movement is permitted within the market site between the hours of 8.30am and 12.20pm. 2. All equipment is to be anchored to avoid accidents such as being blown away by wind, knocked down by children etc. 3. Stallholders who are using gas must have a current fire extinguisher on hand. 4. Power cords crossing walkways should be covered by carpet/matting 5. Any Health and Safety incidents must be reported to the Administrator for recording purposes. 6. In accordance with MDC lease agreement, dogs are not permitted at the A&P showgrounds. Stallholders are requested not to bring their dog(s) to the market.

Code of Conduct for Stallholders

The Marlborough Farmers’ Market committee is committed to providing a market experience which can be enjoyed by all participants whether they are customers, staff, or stallholders. The following behaviors will not be tolerated: * Failure to comply with the directions of the Market Site Manager or other designated official of MFM * Any behavior which interferes with the rights of other stallholders * Making disparaging remarks about the market to customers and stallholders during the course of business * Any activity which jeopardize our lease agreement with MDC * Smoking within the market area * Any anti social behavior such as swearing, abusive language, obscene gestures, intimidation or harassment * Any breach of the Stallholder Terms and Condition set out above

Complaints Process

If aggrieved parties are unable to resolve an issue, the Marlborough Farmers’ Market has a Complaints Policy and Procedure for formalizing complaints. To lodge a complaint, please discuss the process with either the Administrator, or committee Chairperson or Secretary. Contact details for any of these people can be obtained from the Information Stall. Chairperson Marlborough Farmers Market Committee Dated: 31st September, 2015