Contact Details


29 Inkerman Street
Renwick, New Zealand
Phone: 03 572 8237
Email: windsongorchard@gmail.com


Stall Operator: Bob and Jennie Crum

Both Bob and Jennie are founding members of the Marlborough Farmers’ Market and Farmers’ Markets NZ.

Passionate about providing the sweetest tree ripened fruit to their customers, Bob has developed the orchard to grow over the years as the Farmers’ Market has and has chosen varieties of different fruit to ripen over a long period of the warmer months. Their stall can be found at the market early December with the first of the blueberries, joined soon after by  Red Beaut plums. Twenty varieties of plums, 8 varieties of blueberries and different flavoured table grapes stretch the season out with baskets of top grade feijoas filling the stall until mid June.

Bob and Jennie harvest the plums as they ripen, picking each tree every two days to ensure that the flavours we all remember are even better than the old days! Jennie can teach you how to gauge ripeness as you choose your fruit, once you’ve tasted them at the stall you’ll be a convert.

All fruit is Biogro certified organic, Bob and Jennie have been certified for twenty five years and get a lot of pleasure from having customers return again and again to take home a taste of the past.

Mixed fruit orchard, Biogro organic certified since 1986