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Owner: Pedro Evlampieff
Phone: 035725456/0276342852,

Pedro’s Empanadas

Stall Operator: Pedro Evlampieff

Empanadas are South American savouries.

Each empanada is handmade with a variety of fillings – Chicken and spinach in a sweet basil and white wine sauce; Spicy beef flavoured with cumin and Jalapeno peppers; Roasted pumpkin & caramelised onions; Re-fried beans with corn & salsa; Venison in a port wine sauce. Some flavours are vegan with no dairy products and no eggs. They also come Gluten Free (except venison).

The empanadas are available in large, medium and cocktail size. They come free flow frozen. Large in packets of 12 units, medium and cocktail in boxes of 50 units. Baking method is in preheated oven at 180 C for 10⁰ minutes. (defrosted).

I will deliver in Renwick and Blenheim. Cash on delivery. I will need two days notice.

“My passion is making tasty foods as my mother taught me in Chile were I come from.  Empanadas in Chile are the equivalent of a NZ pie.”
Pedro's Empanadas
Pedro Edlampieff (Pedro's Empandas)