Hop on down to the market on Sunday for al fresco brunch, take home lunch, and all the fresh goodies to lay on an Easter feast, picnic in the brilliant Marlborough outdoors, and to restock the pantry from the farm gate for your dinner plate.

Gourmet0-Deli stuffed capsicum a few weeks ago

For a delicious picnic or starter, be sure to take a little pate from Rood Food or the Swiss Butcher home. Add to that vine ripened tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from our vegetable growers, a little German style sourdough (and definitely hot cross buns) from the Snailhouse bakery, Gold medal winning mozzarella from Viavio, a few Nutt Ranch hazel nuts, and Isobel olives, and voila, a picnic is made. You will need to give Cranky Goat’s Mooody Cow Foraged ROOTS cheese a try too, washed in local gin. Take a browse of the stalls to see what else you can find to add.

In the last few weeks, the autumnal selection has included aubergines (Golden Mile Produce), corn (Spudz n Greens), capsicum, lots of chili pepper varieties, Asian greens, carrots, tomatoes, leek, broccoli, cauliflower, root vegetables, and much more. There is still a rainbow of choice from our vegetable growers Dave’s spray free produce, Field Fresh, Golden Mile Produce, Mississippi Herbs, Spudz n Greens, and the community stall.

Golden Mile augergines ripe for stuffing

Our stallholders are turning up the heat, with chef Fran Nolan of Boom! back with his hot sauces, Golden Mile Produce and Mississippi herbs bringing the chilies, it’s going to be a hot market.

Windsong has plenty of feijoas. It’s the season also for Quince, Frut4U Lowes have a great selection of apples, pears, plums (check out their special below), and we might even have a few figs this Sunday.

Come for a browse to see what you can find from the farm gate for your lunch and dinner plate at the market.

Covid-19 update: Masks are no longer compulsory, but with Omicron still making the circles in our community, you are encouraged to wear one.

We’re open every Sunday, come rain or shine.

See you once gates open, from 8.45am.

From our stallholders

The Swiss Butcher

Make yourself a gourmet burger with fresh farmers’ market produce and my juicy beef burger patties. Great for the BBQ and for picnics.

Cheers, Peter

Mississippi Herbs

Mississippi Herbs will have medlars for sale this weekend – a little-known fruit that is best for jelly or fruit paste.

Padron and shishito peppers are still plentiful, plus mixed bags of chillies, some for salads and salsas or to make those chutneys and relishes that need a little flavour kick!

This is the last weekend Mississippi Herbs will be at the market, until the spring asparagus pops up.

Thank you to all those lovely people who support me every week. I will miss you all. Stay safe and keep warm!


Boom! Sauce, Spice and BBQ

I will be back this Sunday with plenty of chilli sauce and BBQ treats.

Cheers, Fran

Snailhouse bakery

Hello bread lovers,

I will be at the market with the tasty and healthy German style rye sourdough bread and the more French style sourdough country loaf, wheat free adventure bread, superseeded multigrain, cinnamon snails, sour cherry pie, Linzer Torte, chia seed crackers, cookies, breadsticks and coconut Pani Popos, probiotic red and white sauerkraut and so much more. Apple strudel is on the menu again as well! So are hot cross-buns, Easter challah and carrot cake.

Cranky Goat

Sandon was a hit last week, unfortunately there’s none for Sunday, but meet Mooody Cow Foraged ROOTS.

In 2020 we decided to make Cow cheeses through the winter while the goats were on maternity leave. We now make cow cheeses throughout the year alongside the goat cheeses.

When a cheesemaker Simon and gin maker Roots Dry Gin Ben Leggett got together, a cheese called Foraged ROOTS was created.

A lactic set cheese lovingly washed every other a day in the delicious ROOTS gin, this cheese is a washed rind cheese which with rich buttery notes with a dense fudgy texture and beautiful grapefruit notes at the end.

FRUT4U Lowes Orchard

The season is beginning to wind down on the orchard with one export crop still to be picked (Pink Lady). The local market fruit is also getting towards the end with last picks of a few varieties and Granny Smith still on the trees.

It won’t be long before the fruit is ripe enough to increase our juice range once again.

There are lots of chores to keep us busy including post-harvest nutrient applications, weed spraying, mowing and of course markets and the orchard shop.

We have ordered replacement trees and are busy planning our next season, including what varieties need to be pulled out to make room for new young plantings at different row spacing to increase productivity.

We will have our usual array of apples, pears, plums and juice on Sunday!

Check out our special on plums on Easter Sunday … .Torwick, Red flesh, only $6/kg. A healthy alternative to Easter eggs!

See you at the market!!!

Andrew & Sue

Golden Mile Produce

Stephen and Sally will have a full range of vegetables available on Sunday including capsicum, eggplant, courgettes, gherkins, lettuce, shanghai pakchoi, onions, garlic, shallots, the last of our kamo kamo and freshly harvested spaghetti squash. Also available our ever-popular Mr Onion pickled onions, garlic sauce and our own Golden Mile strawberry conserve (delicious with hot cross buns!).

We will also have our range of seven different varieties of chillies, take your pick.

SharpAs Tool Tip

Different processes are made easier by different shaped knives in the kitchen. For cutting out cores a very thin bladed knife allows easy manipulation to circle around the core. For slicing and dicing a very curve-shaped blade makes for a very quick and effortless action. Both knives pictured were modified for use for Homemade.Kiwi. If you have knives that need repurposing or anything that has an edge that needs sharpening bring it along to the market.

cheers Ron

Recipe of the week

Taste Magazine vegetarian stuffed capsicum

Stuffed capsicum were trendy in the 80s, and are so again now. Taste magazine suggests 20 ways to stuff a capsicum. Serve them vegetarian, vegan, or even tailored to meat-lovers. Have a look at their easy weeknight winners to Italian, Greek and Mexican-inspired versions, you’re sure to find your favourite stuffed capsicum recipe in this lot.

mā te wā.

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