Hello April. Autumn crops are ripe for the picking. Time for more preserving. Time for the last peaches. Make the most of the tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, raspberries and aubergines before it gets too cold.

Daves Spray Free Produce capsicum

It’s also time for celeriac. A funny looking vegetable available from Spudz n Greens, that lends itself to roasting and grating to eat raw. It’s one of my friend’s favourite vegetable but I must admit, it’s only been this season, that I’ve tried my hand at food prepping one.

Spudz n Greens Celeriac

It’s versatile. You can bake, boil, braise, roast, steam, stew, or stir fry it.

In salads celeriac can be used either raw or lightly cooked. You can also mash it, slice it into batons or wedges, brushed with olive oil and bake in the oven. Vegetables.co.nz has a great recipe selection. According to them, celeriac is a good source of vitamin K and a source of dietary fibre and vitamin C plus contains a dietary significant amount of potassium.

Come for a browse to see what else you can find from the farm gate for your lunch and dinner plate. There is truly a rainbow of choice this autumn.

Gourmet Deli tasty belly fillers last weekend

Have a snack while you are with us. The food is delicious.

In the words of our latest Google review:

“Great fun place amazing food”

Covid-19 update: Masks are no longer compulsory, but with Omicron still making the circles in our community, you are encouraged to wear one.

Don’t forget to put your clocks back, sleep an extra hour. Don’t make the mistake of turning up at 7.45am, when set up is a hive of activity. It has happened.

We’re open every Sunday, come rain or shine.

See you once gates open, from 8.45am.

From our stallholders

FRUT4U Lowes Orchard

Frut4U Golden Queen Peaches

We’re definitely moving on to the Autumn crops…it’s the lucky last weekend for delicious Golden Queen Peaches  

Don’t miss out!

There’s no more til next year

Andrew will have Rachel helping him this Sunday.

As well as the peaches there will be Angelino Plums and various apple and pear varieties.

New Heritage Bakery

Hot cross buns anyone? Get yourself a few, and some honey from the market to mach.

The focaccia will be nice with some Viavio mozzarella and the ripe last of the season tomatoes.

If you need four or more loaves of our sourdough and the HiFi (higher fibre) loaves it can be helpful to put in orders beforehand for bigger amounts (4+ loaves, dozen buns) to be sure to get them, rather than someone missing out.

Marlborough Microgreens

Marlborough Microgreens getting ready for Market on Sunday. I’ll have the full ranges of Micro Pesto Original, Vega, Chilli, Smoked Paprika. Some originals have Almonds and some Macadamia nut.

Cherie Tipene

Snail House Bakery

snail house bakery pani popos

Rain or shine I will be at the market with the tasty and healthy German style rye sourdough bread and the more French style sourdough country loaf, wheat free adventure bread, superseeded multigrain, cinnamon snails, sour cherry pie, Linzer Torte, chia seed crackers, cookies, breadsticks and coconut Pani Popos, probiotic red and white sauerkraut. All your favs and so much more. Apple cake and pear cake and a few early not cross buns.

Also sunflower buns for Ukraine

Cheers, Annette

Pedros Empanadas

Pedros Empanadas

Enjoy Pedros Empanadas for Sunday lunch, at the market or take the heat and eat option home. Did you know that they are available in nine different flavours?

SharpAs Tool Tip

Pictured are some of the hand pruning saws that I prefer to use. The red handle extension pruning saw is particularly good for when you have high and hard to reach branches. It lets you to saw through a high branch at a distance – up to four metres. This allows you to position you and your ladder safely away from any danger of the cut branch hitting you and causing injury.

The middle saw in the picture I made to suit my needs, just to give that extra bit of reach you always seem to need. Like all tools, they get regularly sharpened to make the work easier.

If you have these or any other tools or utensils that need sharpening come to the Market and bring them along.

cheers Ron

Recipe of the week

An easy Sunday lunch: Mozzarella, freshly picked tomatoes with sourdough focaccia bread, smothered with a little olive oil and garnished with herbs! Thanks to Viavio for the inspiration.

What a great dish to combine all ingredients from the market. Let’s make the most of the last tomatoes of the season.

Find the ingredients at Heritage bakery, Isobel Olive Oil, Mississippi Herbs, Dave’s produce, and Viavio.

Lost and found

If you have lost an item, please come to the community stall or email us, as we have items for recovery from time to time.

mā te wā.

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