“Amazing choices of fresh produce”

Jeffrey B.

Autumn brings an abundance of ripe fresh produce.

In the words of Margaret McHugh from the Gourmet Deli, “you will find everything from red ripe tomatoes, cucumbers longer than your arm, rock melons, still some strawberries, eggs, nuts, cheese, pork, raw honey, olive oil and breads” at the market.

Golden Mile Produce is in full production. As well as sweet rock melons, you will find peppers ripe for the stuffing, pickling gherkins and of course onions, shallots and much more.

Mississippi Herbs has chillis in all shapes and sizes and degrees of heat.

For the fruit lovers, stop by Windsong for table grapes, plums and maybe blueberries. Frut4U Lowes Orchard currently have an amazing selection of pip and stone fruit. Scroll down to find out the detail.

Come for a browse to see what else you can find at the market.

For The Nutt Ranch, this time of year is their busy annual harvest, who will sadly be away until Easter. Pinoli Premium Pinenuts have started their harvest too. You can find their pinenuts at the Community Stall. Boom will also be absent, but here to feed your hungry bellies are Long Acre Farm with bacon butties and more, the Gourmet Deli with their amazing selection, Peter the Swiss Butcher with European style sausage dishes which can even be dairy and gluten free, and Pedro with his yummy empanadas.

We’re open every Sunday, come rain or shine.

See you once gates open, from 8.45am.

We are looking for new BUSKERS!!!

Get into the groove with your musical talents (or your teenagers) at the Marlborough Farmer’s Market. We’re looking for more great buskers to contribute to the great Sunday morning ambience. We’re keen for one-off gigs and new regulars too. Please send an email if you’re interested in performing for a few hours on a Sunday morning to admin@marlboroughfarmersmarket.co.nz 

From our stallholders

Mississippi Herbs

Padron Peppers

Mississippi Herbs has padron and shishito peppers at present. Packing a power of nutrition into small parcels, both are good for salads, stir fries or snacking.

We have chilli peppers in all shapes and sizes and degrees of heat. From the sweet chocolate coloured Mulato to the fiery small White Chupetinho, there is a chilli to suit almost everyone. Mixed bags are a good choice with some ripe and hot and others just for the flavour.
We also have freshly dug horseradish roots. Ask Leah about her Fire Cider recipe.

FRUT4U Lowes Orchard

We have a mighty list of available fruit this week…

  • Golden Queen Peaches – lots of delicious tasting Golden Queen peaches…enjoy the last peach of the season while it’s available…super delicious eaten raw, stewed and put down for the winter…make a peach cobbler for dessert.
  • Omega Plums – by far the most superior of the red flesh plums…
  • Angelino Plums – sweet & juicy yellow fleshed.
  • Comice Pears – considered to be the aristocrat of pears – tree ripened!
  • Taylors Gold Pears – a russeted skin Comice, tree ripened!
  • Royal Gala Apples – sweet & juicy, freshly picked…an all-time favourite.
  • Cox Orange Apples – a great dessert apple
  • Golden Delicious Apples – sweet & juicy.  Nothing like a good old fashioned apple straight off the tree.
  • Sonya Apples – our newest variety…large, very crisp & sweet!  Enjoy while they are around.

So much fruit to choose from! Come see Andrew & Heather this Sunday to stock your fruit bowl!!!

Snailhouse Bakery

I’ll be there with delicious sourdough bread and cake, crackers and breadsticks, Brezeln and cookies and so much more.



Recently I had a soup order from a lass at Uni in Dunedin, she said the soups are ideal for her busy life.

There’s a new soup to try this week and it’s exploding with flavour and ‘Good for you things’, I’ve called it “Green Velvet Soup”.

It contains Silverbeet, Broccoli, Onions, Leeks, Potatoes and spices including my homemade Curry Powder.

See you at the Market on Sunday. Alys

SharpAs Tool Tip

Recently I was asked to sharpen a bundle of chisels. These were old chisels with good brand names.

Many branded old chisels are very good value for money. It takes a very expensive new chisel to match the quality of the steel in these old chisels.

If you have any of these in your garage, they are well worth reconditioning. If you have these or any other tools or utensils that need sharpening bring them along to the market or contact me by phone or email.

cheers Ron

Recipe of the week

Crostini Gorgonzola & Pear, a tasty Autumn recipe to share with your favourite friends!

Makes 10 -15 crostini:

  • 150 g ViaVio Gorgonzola
  • 10-15 Sourdough ciabatta bread thin slices
  • 1 or 2 Small Pears

Slightly toast the bread slices, then put them on a tray and cover each one with a slice of pear and a slice of ViaVio Gorgonzola. Place in the oven at 180°C until cheese melts. Eat warm.

Buon Appetito!

Covid Update at Red, Phase 3

recapping our Mask Policy, effective from February

Our protective mask policy in the face of Omicron means: No Mask, No Entry. For those who cannot wear a mask, but wish to purchase items from the market, we’ll have people take your order at the entrance.

mā te wā.

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