A bit of rain is going to be good for the produce. You can always count on a shower or two the week after the full moon, have you noticed?

We’re so chuffed visitors are enjoying our market.

Field Fresh

“Great market if your passing through well worth a stop” Daniel

“Very nice visit on a sunny day. Some lovely fresh local goods to buy and take home. Nice place to eat, have a coffee and relax with family.” Roger

Our team works very hard to keep the market vibe up. It’s a different environment with the current traffic light system, so we really appreciate hearing we are still providing a nice place to get fresh veggies, eat and to have coffee!

With the traffic light system arriving prior to Christmas, we’ve had to make a choice whether to operate as a vaccine pass market or a market that didn’t require the vaccine pass. To operate without a vaccine pass to enter the market, it’s a requirement that people wear a mask and observe social distancing. That’s why we also ask people to consume food and drink outside the market. It’s particularly pleasing to see that people value the set up and make use of the grass area adjacent to the market arena and to see the tables and chairs come to good use.

Still at orange, we would like to thank all our customers for wearing a mask, and for taking their food and drink outside the market arena to consume.

Welcome back

This week we welcome back Pedro and Frut4U. Annette was looking forward to returning to the market with Snail house bakery, but sadly the doc has ordered rest. That’s what happens when your fingers accidentally come too close to a cactus. We wish Annette a rapid recovery!

Fruit variety galore – quantities scarce

It’s two more weeks of figs, says Kathy from Mangarua Figs. They are delicious and worth raving about. Windsong’s blueberries are of course delicious too,  but you need to place your orders ahead of time..

Andrew & Matt from Frut4U Lowes Orchard will be back at the market this week with a selection of peaches, nectarines and new seasons pears as well as juice and apples.

Thinking of camping or tramping?

Summer is the season for camping and tramping. Alys from Homemade.Kiwi has “Veggie Fritters” that are ready to rehydrate in the bush or at the campground. Then just add spice bag (included), eggs and heat. For your convenience, especially if you are on the move, she also has powdered eggs that you can use in the fritters. Quick and easy to prepare, these also suit busy people.

Four Gourmet Deli treats

  • Homemade old fashioned peppermint fudge slice
  • Freshly roasted strawberry’s in shortcake
  • Chocolate fudge brownie with white chocolate no nuts.
  • From Golden Mile Produce freshly roasted apricots in a shortcake delicious

SharpAs Tool Tips

I have been asked if these type of battery-operated clipper blades can be sharpened.

Yes, they can.

With these types of blades, to extend their life, if you use them on soft, thin foliage the blades will stay sharp longer and it’s easier on the motor.

Use heavier tools for the bigger cuts.

If you have tools like this or any other tools with an edge that needs sharpening bring them along to the Farmers’ market or contact 0274445535 .

Cheers, Ron

See you Sunday from 8.45am onwards.

mā te wā.

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