Happy Holidays, and welcome to 2022.

The weather has been splendid for exploring our beautiful region.

We have noticed an increase in visitors, and this weekend we have the pleasure of hosting a film crew too.

Windsong organic blueberries

Jamie Arbuckle and his raspberries have finished for the season, but don’t despair, Sue and Andrew Lowe still have some for you. Isobel, Le Posh, Feast Merchants are taking a short break, but we still have plenty choice stone fruit, berries and other fresh produce available. At Windsong Orchard you will find organic blueberries, Shiro and some Black Amber plums – the latter for early birds only.

Frut4U Lowes nectarines

Down the lane a bit, Frut4U Lowes are bringing yellow and white peaches and nectarines, apricots, strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, and blackberries, phew, does that make for a berry-licious market? There are more strawberries at Golden Mile Produce. Stephen and Sally are also picking their first green and yellow beans for Sunday.

Spudz n Greens giant broccoli

Our veggie stalls are serving up everything in season from courgettes, cool cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, Asian greens, to new garlic, beans, carrots, beets and massive broccoli.

See you Sunday from 8.45am onwards.

PS: We’re still in Orange, so scan in, stick to social distancing, and smile behind your mask. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Lost and Found

As can be expected, lost and found items at the market often get handed in to either stallholders or the community stall, from wallets, phones, keys to baby rattles and childrens hats. If an item is handed to a stallholder they will pass it on to Lynn, our market manager at the community stall. These items are kept in the hope that someone will claim them. Wallets get hand to the police station. If Lynn gets a phone, she will keep it charged in the hope that someone will ring it to chase down the owner. All other items are kept. If you have lost an item, please come to the community stall or email us, as we have quite a few items for recovery.

From our Stallholders

Marlborough Microgreens

Hi everyone,

Marlborough Microgreens will be back this weekend with some new varieties of Microgreens. Chia seeds are considered among the healthiest foods in the world, (superfood). That just one I have, and off course your favourite pesto. See you all Sunday



Handy in the pantry for quick and easy meals. Ideal for Trampers and Campers or taking out on the boat.

Pack contents: Dehydrated Soup, Tropical Fruit Smoothie, Powdered Eggs, Organic Coconut Cream Powder, One Mulligan Health Bar and One Crunchy Honey Seed Bar.

See you at the Market. Alys

Gourmet Deli

Margaret McHugh will be dishing up delicious breakfast, lunch and brunch options, as well as her latest creation, “The Real McHugh”, a “lifestyle/cookbook with 700 sustainable recipes”.

SharpAs Tool Tips

With all the growth from the recent weather I was asked whether the battery operated clipper blades in the picture could be sharpened. Yes, they can. Keeping these blades sharp, clean and oiled makes it easier on battery life. Best practice with these type of blades is to try and cut green growth only, and use more heavy duty shears for brown hard growth. If you have any tools for the garden, kitchen, or workshop bring it along to Sunday’s Market.

Recipe of the week

May be an image of dessert
Blueberry recipe from Windsong Orchard

Here’s a favourite blueberry recipe from Windsong Orchard. It’s a great way to use the cooking grade berries. It’s in the style of a clafouti but made with cottage cheese and little sugar so it’s neither overly sweet or rich, just delicious!

(quantities in brackets for a 46cm tart tin) not in brackets; regular pie dish

(100) 75gms butter and (60) 50gms sugar , when well creamed beat in egg.
Sift in: (175gms) 150gms flour and tsp. baking powder and combine to make a soft dough.
Push dough into pie pan and up edges with floury fingers . Chill/freezer for a bit.

(375) 250gms cottage cheese, (3) 2eggs, (1/2 cup) 6 dessertspoons icing sugar whizzed up till smooth.
Cover pastry with fresh or frozen berries (2-2.5 cups large tart) and pour mixture over them.
Bake 180 C 45 mins till lightly brown.
Serve slightly warm, dusted with icing sugar.

mā te wā.

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