We are very sad to miss the iconic Garden Marlborough Fete this Sunday. However, with the A&P show running a smaller event this year, the Farmers’ Market will operate from its usual site this Sunday.

So come on down to A&P park for your local grocery shop, browse the plant stalls, have some kai and enjoy a hopefully sunshiny day.

The market’s food truck choices just got bigger, with the return of the Gourmet Deli (see what Margaret will be bringing, below, in this newsletter).

It’s also time to start thinking about Christmas. Both Traditional Country Preserve and Homemade.kiwi are prepping Christmas cakes. Is that the time already?


The Marlborough Farmers’ Market will be open Sunday 7th November 2021 from 9 – 12pm

Thank you for remembering to wear your mask the market arena through the pedestrian entrance, where we need you to scan in.

See you once the gates open from 8.45am onwards.

From our Stallholders

Isobel Olives

Isobel extra virgin olive oil can be used in so many different ways, here I would like to share a popular chocolate mousse dessert.  Of the 3 Olive oils – mild, medium and robust, I recommend a mild oil (Koroneiki) for cooking eggs, fish and chicken and for dipping with bread. The medium oil for general use and the robust oil for strongly flavoured foods, marinades, salad dressing and adding to steamed vegetables.

Recipe for chocolate mousse:

  • 170gm dark chocolate
  • 3 large eggs separated
  • 2/3 cup icing sugar
  • ¾ cup Isobel Koroneiki EVOO
  • ¼ cup brewed expresso
  • 2 Tsp liqueur – crème de cassis (blackcurrant) or kahlua
  1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler, then cool
  2. Beat the egg yolks and sugar until light and lemon coloured. Slowly add the olive oil in a steady stream as you would for a mayonnaise.
  3. Whip the egg whites until peaks form and then fold the whites thoroughly into the chocolate mix. Divide into ramekins and refrigerate for 3 hours until set. Serve with a garnish of salt, mint and black currents in season

Come and talk to me on Sunday at the market for more recipe ideas, Chris

FRUT4U Lowes Orchard 

Spring is a really busy time in the orchard. We have team members returning from breaks and they’re spread throughout the orchard completing various jobs.

This includes thinning stone fruit, working in young apples singling the leaders, taking lower shoots off & removing fruitlets. Checking the irrigation even though the ground is currently well saturated as it can change rapidly and is predicted to do so during November.

There is also the left over mulching and mowing grass to make it easier for everyone to get through plus weeding the strawberry patch. They’re changing colour so we expect to have some next weekend.

Of course, Indy & Coby spend their days supervising the team, roaming back and forth, and trying to muscle in on everyone’s morning tea!

Andrew and Sue will see you Sunday while the rest of the team have a well earned weekend!

Drop the BEET

Our delicious and refreshing Strawberry Delite juice is back for summer!!! Made with fresh local Golden Mile strawberries, mint, orange, and apple, it is an absolute must-try. $7.50 for a cup of juice over ice, or $14 for a 550ml swap-a-bottle (includes one-off $1 bottle deposit).

Traditional Country Preserves

From this Sunday we will have a great range of baskets and bon-bons for sale and will have credit live on our eftpos machine as well as the usual eftpos.

Gluten free, Dairy free Christmas cakes should be available from early December.

Kind regards, Margaret

Golden Mile Produce

“Lettuce share” how excited we are to see everyone at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market every Sunday! Stephen is always smiling (behind his mask) and happy to showcase the BIG Golden Mile Produce with you.

I reckon this beauty might have been a winner in the produce section if A&P had been running normally. You’ll just have to wait until next year Stephen. Now if only you could encourage the strawberries to grow that big?

See you Sunday with loads of fresh strawberries, lettuces and lots of other delicious produce. Stephen & Sally 

Helen’s Garden Plants

Along with a selection of veggie plants I also have a good range of flowering perennials for this Sunday including Dianthus plants which are just coming into flower, plus Hostas, which are great for brightening up a shady spot in the garden plus, of course, beautiful Bearded Irises.

Many thanks, Helen


homemade kiwi christmas cake

It’s that time of year again where we have started making Christmas Cakes, available in three sizes: small, medium and large, either round or square, iced or uniced. You can pre order them at the Farmers’ Market on Sundays.

See you there, rain or shine (or wind), thanks, Alys

Snail House Bakery

Rain or shine I will be at the market with the tasty and healthy German style rye sourdough bread and the more French style sourdough country loaf, wheat free adventure bread, superseeded multigrain, cinnamon snails, sour cherry pie, Linzer Torte, chia seed crackers, sourdough crackers, breadsticks and coconut Pani Popos, probiotic red and white sauerkraut and so much more. There might even be some apple strudel if we are lucky.

See you soon, Annette

Gourmet Deli

I’ve cranked up the main kitchen ready for the Farmers’ market.

  • Pork pies full of minced pork,
  • Beef pasties, Margaret style tasty,
  • Generous sausage rolls,
  • Spinach feta filo parcels and pies,
  • Butter Chicken and rice takeaways,
  • Scotch eggs no deep fry, but oven baked instead,
  • Vegetarian frittata with chutney,
  • Blueberry white chocolate bread and butter pudding,
  • Chocolate fudge brownie,
  • To die for double chocolate caramel slice,
  • Orange gluten free almond syrup cake,
  • Date scones “vegan” no dairy, sugar or eggs.

We look forward to reuniting with our lovely loyal customers. Unfortunately, we cannot provide tables and chairs for you to relax and chat at the market.

Those goddesses in Wellington have put a spell on us. It will be lifted soon.

Thanks, Margaret

In the kitchen with Lynn, our market manager

This week features another salad and omelet, and Lynn’s favourite pie recipe to use up veggies before buying fresh from the Sunday market.

Market ingredients for the salad: greens from Golden Mile, grated carrot, (Spudz n Greens), pine nuts (Community Stall), eggs, (Koromiko), a little cheese (Viavio, Cranky Goat) and a dressing of your choice, chili mayo from Boom would be good.

Lynn’s omelette ingredients

A delicious mixture and very fine brunch, I selected omelet ingredients using eggs (Koromiko), Halloumi (Cranky Goat), bacon (Long Acre Farm) and mushrooms (The Mush Room Co).

Lynn’s veggie pie

I also made one of my favourites veggie pie, I have been making this for as long as I can remember, with consistent changes along the way.  This is a great pie to make on a Saturday night, using up all your veggies ready to re-stock from the market on Sunday.

Veggie Pie: I start by boiling a mix of potato, carrot, yams, kumara, pumpkin, parsnip or just one of them. On top of that pot, I steam the greens, again whatever you have in the fridge: broccoli, cauliflower, silver beet etc, and you can add some edamame beans also if you wish. Then I sauté chilis, garlic, shallots and mushrooms (optional – it doesn’t really need mushrooms unless you have some that need to be used).

To assemble it, drain the veggies. Start with the root veggies, followed by your steamed veggies, and top with the onion mixture. If you don’t have edamame beans, you can put a can of kidney beans in first, salt and pepper and a good handful of grated cheese. Top with flakey pastry and cook in the oven until the pastry is golden.

This is also a great pie for “Meatless Monday” lunch or dinner.

Kind regards, Lynn Stuthridge

We’re still in Level 2. Here’s a quick recap, and with that said, see you Sunday

  • Sign in at the Entrance (from 8.45am, gates are locked prior)
  • Wear a Face covering – unless 12 years of age or under.
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Only handle stall produce that you plan to purchase
  • If unwell, please stay home

mā te wā.

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