This week we hit the early 20s a few times. Feeling like a picnic during this long weekend? The warm days took Lynn for her first picnic this season for a spot of fishing. Later she shares what produce she filled her picnic basked with.

It’s the last opportunity to enjoy NZ Cheese month deals with our cheese stalls. On the other hand, it’s just the beginning for strawberries. The weather is making them nice and juicy.

Undoubtedly one of our most popular stalls, Koromiko Free Range Eggs, take us behind the scenes of their free-range operation.

Thank you for remembering to wear your mask the market arena through the pedestrian entrance, where we need you to scan in.

See you once the gates open from 8.45am onwards.

From our Stallholders

Koromiko Free Range Eggs

Here at Koromiko Free Range Eggs, we raise our chickens from one day old. They arrive via

plane into Blenheim as tiny balls of fluff that are the cutest thing you ever saw. We

collect them from the airport and then it’s an extremely careful drive back to the farm (and

rather noisy). They then go straight into their temperature-controlled room where they are

monitored closely every day. They have the luxury of underfloor heating, top quality

feed and lots and lots of attention. This is where their journey of a happy and free-range life


Fun Fact = Chickens have great memories and can recognize over 100 faces!!

Thanks, Georgina

Garden Bees

Hi from garden Bees.

We are still selling 2 kg pots for $20.00. Or 1 kg for $15.00

We still have meadow, Bush. Multiflora, Lavender and cream. Getting short on manuka only 500 x $20.00 and 250 x $10.50 pots left.

Cheers, Kevin

Mississippi Herbs

Mississippi Herbs

If you are looking for a herb plant that is a little out of the ordinary, stop and have a look at Mississippi Herbs’ stall. Leah has a range of plants, from common parsley and mint through to stevia, lovage, tansy, aloe vera and French tarragon. If there is something you can’t find, she may have it at home or be able to steer you in the right direction to obtain it. Always happy to talk gardening and plants.

Cheers, Leah

Golden Mile Produce

Stunning weather helps grow beautiful strawberries and that makes everyone happy! Come and see Golden Mile Produce this Sunday for BIG juicy red delicious strawberries as well as all our other great produce. Thanks for the feedback on the lettuce bags, we have taken it on board and this week had 2 sized bags (large & small) with lots of happy customers as they were a sell-out! Farmers’ Market gives us the opportunity to talk (be it at a distance) to our valued customers. Brilliant. See you on Sunday. Stephen & Sally

SharpAs Tool tips 

One of the appliances in the Kitchen getting heavy use is the Food Processor. Homemade.Kiwi uses Food Processors extensively in preparing food for dehydrating. When the performance of these appliances drops off, the first check is how sharp the blades are. When the edges are blunt I sharpen them. This restores the Food Processor performance and makes all the parts last longer through less cutting effort on the blades and parts. If you have a domestic or commercial Food Processor or anything that needs sharpening come and see me at the Farmers’ Market.

Cheers Ron

In the kitchen with Lynn, our market manager

With summer coming fast, picnic time is here. For my first picnic and fish by the river, short on preparation time, I made use of Annette’s* (Snail house Bakery) delicious products. Annette’s Linzer Tart went straight into the basket. Her seed bread was next.

Linzer Tart, which I actually I buy every time Annette is there, is a spicy tart full of blackcurrants. Her seed bread – a delicious small loaf full of seeds, moist and gluten free was delicious topped with Tasman Blue Cheese (Cranky Goat), olives (Isobel Olives or Short Dogs from the community Stall), and microgreens (Marlborough Microgreens), which also made it into my basked.

For a cold vegetable dish, I sauteed shallots (Golden Mile) and a little red capsicum. You can spice this up with garlic and chili if you like and let cool. I sliced and tossed The Mush Room Co’s native mushrooms with Olive oil (Isobel, Community Stall), sprinkled with parmesan cheese and a little salt and pepper, before packing this up as the last item for the picnic basket.

*Annette is at the market every 2nd Sunday with her delicious baking, so unfortunately not this week but the week after. She makes all her breads, buns and tortes from scratch.

Kind regards, Lynn Stuthridge

We’re still in Level 2. Here’s a quick recap, and with that said, see you Sunday

  • Sign in at the Entrance (from 8.45am, gates are locked prior)
  • Wear a Face covering – unless 12 years of age or under.
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Only handle stall produce that you plan to purchase
  • If unwell, please stay home

mā te wā.

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