Thank you Marlborough

Thank you for attending our first Level 2 market. We hope that albeit the changes, you enjoyed the experience of al fresco shopping with us. Thank you also for being so good to remember to wear your mask.

A whopping 36 stalls were present on the market arena, of some 1200 square metre in size. This Sunday will be no different.

At Level 2, it’s very important to us to have all shoppers filing in through our formed entrance, so that you can scan yourself in, or have us take down your details, as contact tracing is a requirement.

The market officially opens from 9 – noon, but the gate will be open from 8.45am.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot more of our resources to set up the site for Level 2, and therefore we ask the early birds to come no earlier than 8.45am, so that we can ensure we are set up and under way for you.

We will have more staff on the gate than last week to ensure that you can move through quickly.

Thank you so much for your patience.

We’re really grateful and humbled by the enthusiastic support that we have received from the Marlborough community and hope to see another good turnout this Sunday.

See you once the gates open from 8.45am onwards.

From our stallholders

Long Acre Farm

It was fabulous to be back at the market. This Sunday we will have:

  • Fesh free range heritage pork.
  • Rick is making the popular mini roasts. These are boned and rolled loin roasts seasoned with rosemary and garlic.  A great size.
  • We also have our shoulder bacon and pork sausages.  These sausages have no fillers or preservatives.
  • Our pork and caramelised sausage rolls are growing in popularity, get in early.

Looking forward to seeing you again.

Rick and Nairn

Pedros Empanadas

This weekend is Chile Independence Day. That means Empanadas Day to celebrate on Sunday.

Did you know that Chilean Independence Day is the most important Chilean holiday? It celebrates independence from Spain. People in Chile have Empanadas (and good Chilean wine) to celebrate. In Marlborough Pedro will see us right with Empanadas!

Isobel Olives

Isobel olives now has new season’s extra virgin certified olive oil available in 250 and 500ml bottles – this is a medium oil with high polyphenol levels giving it great health benefits.

I also have a robust and a delicate oil (koroneiki) to suit all tastes. There’s a special on 2019 oils just out of certification of 2 years – 2x250ml $40 and 2x500ml $56.

New season’s large, mixed colour Spanish Queen variety brined olives come in 300ml and one litre jars. Although we may not be able to offer tastings, I am happy to describe the flavours and intensity of the oils and help match with foods you like.

Chris Piper


Early Spring glasshouse-grown asparagus is back. David says at first people wonder why the spears look a wee bit different, until they realise that it’s glasshouse grown. Glasshouse-grown asparagus is a bit earlier than field grown asparagus, so get yourself a real treat on Sunday.

SharpAs tool tips

I come across many different tools to sharpen and repair. Attached is an edging tool used, before powered tools came.

The blades are driven from the wheel when pushed. This one I use when gardening and it works really well. Sometimes tools like this are the easiest to use and maintain.

It’s back into the busy season again so if you need any tools sharpened, fixed bring them along to the Farmers’ Market.

cheers Ron

Just a quick Level 2 recap, and with that said, see you Sunday

  • Sign in at the Entrance (from 8.45am, gates are locked prior)
  • Wear a Face covering – unless 12 years of age or under.
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Only handle stall produce that you plan to purchase
  • If unwell, please stay home

mā te wā.

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