Media Statement

Covid-19 update

The Marlborough Farmers’ Market is cancelled for Sunday 22 August

The Marlborough Farmers’ Market committee has carefully considered the current situation.

In the event that the nation remains in Level 4. moves to Level 3 or even Level 2 by Sunday, we will not be opening on August 22.

“If we are at Level 2 this Sunday, we will not be operating either because we are conscious that the Delta strain is more contagious. We will be using this time to work on the ability and resources to implement systems to police the mandatory wearing of masks for customers and stallholders, required at this time,” says Rob Harrison, Chair, Marlborough Farmers’ Market.

“Unless we move to Level 1 for the weekend, we will not be opening the market on Sunday. If it wasn’t for the Delta strain, we would not be so concerned.”

In the meantime, the market committee will be using the coming week to establish systems to operate the new mandatory requirements at Level 2.

We will keep you updated.