The visit to Pinoli Pine Nuts was truly inspiring. Business Innovation Award Winner of the Marlborough Cawthron Environment Awards, more than 100 people showed up at the Field day, where they received an insight into how this innovative Marlborough company processes its pine nuts to premium quality, not seen anywhere else in the world. Pinoli director Andy Wiltshire said they did not set out to create an industry, but they actually did. Pinoli is the only Southern Hemisphere producer, how lucky are we to have the world’s best pine nuts right in our backyard?

The trees are drought tolerant, control erosion, don’t need irrigation, sequester carbon and produce delicious nuts. Congratulations to the Pinoli team.

Today’s newsletter features a recipe from Pinoli, and we have them available from the Community stall.

Around 27 stalls will be back. This week look out for squash, pumpkin, broccoli, leek, pink lady and Sturmer apples. Fresh kiwifruit for vitamin C content as well as fresh baking from Le Posh and Snailhouse Bakery.

Read more news directly from our stallholders below too.

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds.

From our stallholders

Pedros Empanadas

Pedro will have cocktail empanadas limited stock as they will be face out $10 for 12.

FRUT4U Lowes Orchard 

Our full range of 2021 juice is now available…Pink Lady, Sturmer $11.00 per 3 litre bladder and Apple and Boysenberry $13.00 per 3 litre bladder.

The juice is 100% pure, made from tree ripened apples…you can’t beat the flavour!

We also have a wide variety of apples, pears and green kiwifruit for only $2.50/kg. 

See you Sunday, Andrew & Sue

Snailhouse Bakery

Rain or shine I will be at the market with the tasty and healthy German style rye sourdough bread and the more French style sourdough  country loaf,  wheat free adventure bread, superseeded multigrain, Cinnamon snails, sour cherry pie, Linzer Torte, chia seed crackers, sourdough crackers, breadsticks and coconut Pani Popos.

See you soon, thank you, Annette 

SharpAs Tool Tips

I received a standard pair of garden edge trimmers to sharpen. A customer recently at the Farmers’ Market asked why after he had his edgers sharpened by a firm they did not work .

When someone asks me to sharpen a tool, I always allow that they are asking me to make them work properly. The firm that sharpened his edgers just ground the edge, when the firm actually needed to reset the blades so they cut smoothly, as I do. Setting is included in my prices. Remember if it’s got an edge to sharpen bring it along to the Farmers’ Market.

cheers Ron

Recipe of the week

Winter Roast Pumpkin, Pinoli  pine nut and feta salad.

Most of these yummy ingredients can be found at your local Marlborough Farmers’ market. Marked with an Asterix *.

  • 1 kg of pumpkin *
  • 2 red peppers
  • 1 red onion, cut into wedges *
  • 3 T olive oil *
  • Salt * and Pepper
  • 3 T balsamic vinegar *
  • 100g feta *
  • ¼ c Pinoli pine nuts *
  • Baby spinach or rocket, parsley *

Heat oven to 180°C. Cut up pumpkin and red peppers into chunks, add red onion cut into wedges, drizzle with olive oil, add pine nuts and season with salt and pepper, toss well to coat. Place on an oven tray and cook until tender and golden.

Arrange cooked vegetables over a bed of baby spinach drizzle with more olive oil and balsamic vinegar, crumble feta over the lot and finish with chopped parsley.

A very versatile recipe. Enjoy as a side dish or get creative and add variety of different veggie (carrot, kumara, parsnip, yams etc.). A punnet of baby tomatoes added to the roast vegetables are nice or sundried tomatoes in oil are a tasty addition too.

What’s cooking in our market manager’s kitchen

Lynn, our market manager is sharing what she cooked with market produce this weak with market bought onions (Golden Mile Produce), carrots (Spudz n Greens), leeks (Field Fresh), and Blue cod (Fresh Fish).

“I put some brown basmati rice on to cook, then made the sauce using chilli, garlic, ginger, onions, sauteed these off, then add your spices, cumin, turmeric, garam masala, and coriander. I then added coconut milk, chopped seasonal vegetables. I used capsicums and tomatoes, both dried and frozen from the freezer, some wet tamarind, a dash of fish sauce, a few drops of coriander oil (Uncle Joes from the Community stall), flaky sea salt (Community stall) and pepper.  The sauce will thicken, If it gets too thick just add a little water. When the sauce looks ready, i.e. good consistency, and tastes great, lay your fish on the sauce, cover and cook for 10-15 minutes, or until the fish is cooked.  Once cooked gently break the fish up and serve on your rice topped with fresh coriander.”

Lynn, market manager

mā te wā.

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