Our market will be indoors again this Sunday, with a courtyard for food and beverage, and a snug area including kids play zone at the back of the sheep pavilion.

Around 27 stalls will be there for you, including our fruit and veggie stalls located at the Southern end. The queue at the ever-popular egg stall was long early on last week. Also, there will be the delicious French pastries that you love so much, preserves, new walnuts, cheeses, breads, smallgoods, meats and yummy pate.

The community stall has various artisan products, including olive oil, Hogharts super smooth chocolate, Little Beauties and Pinoli Pine nuts, amongst a host of other delectable, including ‘crack your own walnuts’ and sprayfree greens. Have a browse while you get your Eftpos.

We will be open every Sunday during winter, bringing you the freshest produce you can find in Marlborough, direct from the farm gate to the dinner plate.

Find out what else is in store this Sunday below.

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds.

From our stallholders

Traditional Country Preserves

We have Dion’s shelled walnuts back in stock in eco cups that can be reused and recycled or composted. $4 a cup.

Fig chutney in 750g extra large bottles on special at $10, usually $16.

Hoping for a sunny Sunday this week, kind regards, Margaret

Pedros Empanadas

News for my gluten free customers. Unfortunately, there won’t be gluten free empanadas anymore. Sorry, Pedro


Winter is a great time for soup. Have a look at our soup selection. Two popular packs are “Curried Pumpkin & Celery” and the “Super Soup”. The Pumpkin Soup is made with homemade curry powder that you will love and the Super Soup uses the leaves and stems of Cauliflower that many people throw away but they are full of flavour and have many health benefits. Alys


We’ve got hearty warm waffles with sauce and home-made gelato for you this Sunday.

SharpAs Tool Tips

Recently from a top Restaurant I had these high-quality Japanese knives to sharpen. For these knives it was requested that I sharpen them in the traditional way with Japanese whetstones. These knives can hold the extremely fine edge that this way of sharpening achieves, essential to this chef’s fine dining food preparation.

Remember if it’s got an edge to sharpen, kitchen, garden, workshop, bring it along to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market.

cheers Ron

What’s cooking in our kitchen

This week we are sharing a dish made by Sigrun, our marketing and promotions manager.

The produce from the market is far superior than anything else I’ve tried. This dish was made with cauliflower from Spudz n Greens, topped with roasted nuts.

Sautee cauliflower with crushed or diced garlic (Golden Mile Produce and Spudz n Greens) and a good dollop of olive oil (Isobel Olives or Two Dogs), and a little sea salt (Community Stall) until soft. In the meantime either cook up a portion of rice, millet or another grain of your choice. Make up a dressing with coriander, the juice of half a lemon, 1 clove of garlic, ¼ teaspoon coriander powder, ¼ teaspoon of Cumin powder, 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, a little extra water if you wish, and blend. Drizzle over the grains, toss with ripped mint leaves (they really make this dish) and the cauliflower. Garnish with roasted seed. I used sunflower seed in this picture, but chopped hazel nuts from the Nutt Ranch or Pinoli would be even nicer.

Enjoy, Sigrun

mā te wā.
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