This Sunday we welcome a new stall holder

We welcome Graeme Giles as a new stallholder, trading as Hifi Foods & Heritage Bakery. You can find them between Traditional Country Preserves and BOOM! chef this Sunday. They will be alternating with Annette’s Snail House bakery, who is coming fortnightly from now. This means, there will be fresh bread for you every Sunday at the market each weekend.

We also welcome Mooody Cow made from Oakland’s A2 cows milk back for the winter.

There’s plenty of fresh produce about. What could you make with The Mush Room Co mushrooms, aubergine and fresh fish? Market manager Lynn tells us what she’s cooking with market produce.

There’s plenty more fresh produce about, as well as new season fruit. Come for a stroll. Bring your bags, warm yourself with a brew of coffee, and catch up with your community, all at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market this Sunday. Eftpos is available, and plenty of parking.

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at the A&P Showgrounds.

From our stallholders

Make way for Mooody Cow! 

As the colder days become more frequent, the goats that supply Cranky Goat their silky white milk begin preparing for their maternity leave!

Have no fear as you won’t have to go without the delicious cheeses the Lamb family make during winter as they welcome back their unique Mooody Cow Cheese made from Oakland’s A2 cows milk! 

This Sunday they will have the sweet little BOB ready for sale. This cheese is small but creamy, tasty and amazing with figs and honey!

Pedros Empanadas

Hi I will be having large Empanadas this Sunday, Spicy Beef Venison and Chicken for $5 each. Thanks Pedro.

Golden Mile Produce

As the seasons change so do our fresh produce products.  But at Golden Mile Produce we have the comfort of utilising our covered space for numerous crops (not just strawberries!). Being twin-skinned tunnel houses, the double skin acts like double glazing and keeps temperatures comfortably warmer on cooler days thus allowing us to keep growing.

These are our indoor courgettes in our raised beds, must say it makes for way easier picking too! We still have outdoor crops to pick but the variety will start reducing as the weather diminishes (loving this week’s rain though). Don’t forget that now is a great time to be preserving, using everything from capsicums, aubergines, onions, garlic & chillies. Dig out those favourite family recipes or try something new?

See you Sunday.  Stephen & Sally

FRUT4U Lowes Orchard 

This Sunday we’ll have our ever-popular Apple & Boysenberry juice back in stock as well as our super juicy and crisp apples and fabulous pears.

See you Sunday


Heaven’s Scent

Growers of Spray Free Apples, the Merton Russet is crisp, juicy, with outstanding flavour. Did you know it is a heritage variety that originated in the UK in 1921? 100 years old!It has varieties Sturmer and Cox’s Orange as parents.

SharpAs Tool Tips

There are a lot of brands of secateurs on the market. The best one is what suits you. Some of the ones I am sharpening now are in the picture.  My preference is Felco but what is most important is that they are kept sharp. This means they are easier to use and leave a clean cut.

Bring them along to the Farmers’ Market  and get them sharpened. Also a free clean is offered for those being sharpened. .For those requiring it a pick up and drop off service is available.

cheers Ron

Cooking market produce

Seasonal inspiration in the kitchen with Lynn, market manager

There’s fabulous produce at the market at the moment, so I bought some butterfish (Fresh Fish), and Hericium novae-zelandiae mushrooms (The Mush Room Co), also Thai eggplants, capsicums shallots and garlic (Golden Mile) and some perfect potatoes (Spudz n Greens), lime (Limrose.

The eggplants and capsicums make a delicious ratatouille, with garlic, chilli and shallots. Start by sauteing off the garlic, chilli, shallot, and capsicum, then add the eggplant. Golden Mile have two types of Thai eggplants at the moment, both of which don’t need to be salted first, just cut and add. Both have delicious flavour. The small round ones stay a bit firmer. Sweated off and add a gorgeous heritage tomato, salt and pepper and leave to cook.

For the fish I made a white sauce, then added the mushrooms. They have a fantastic earthy flavour, and hold their form giving great texture to a dish. Mushrooms don’t need to be fried in butter or oil to bring out their flavour, in fact there is a theory going round that the best way to cook them is to steam, to expand their flavour.  After the mushrooms have softened a little, lay the butterfish on top, cover the pan and leave to cook until the fish is done.  While waiting, I finished my gin and tonic made with a juicy ripe lime (Limrose), and mashed the potatoes. The resulting meal was amazing.
Kind regards, Lynn Stuthridge

Marlborough Farmers Market Manager

mā te wā.

See you Sunday from 9 til noon, unless you are unwell. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow us on FaceBook and Instagram.

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