NZ Cheese Month October

October is for cheese lovers. It means an excuse to celebrate NZ local Cheeses at home. Lucky for us the market has two ah-mazing cheese companies, week in and week out. One of these is Cranky Goat.

Cranky Goat is based in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. The Lamb family hand-make a wide variety of goat cheeses from September to May with high quality goat’s milk from the neighbouring farm. Their Moody Cow cheeses are made from May to September using Oaklands A2 cow’s milk.

From a fresh soft cheese to a ripe wash rind, Cranky Goat’s wide variety of cheeses ensures that there is something for your and the family’s taste buds.

A big Cranky Goat cheese fan, Bradley Hornby of the amazing Arbour Restaurant, says, if he was at home, he would have the cheese with locally grown nuts and some strawberries.

In a recent interview with More FM, Bradley explains what makes Cranky Goat sooooo good. Watch the clip by clicking this link.

There you go. Go find yourself some walnuts, hazelnuts, strawberries and above all some Cranky Goat cheese at the market this Sunday.

Walnut vendors – Golden Mile Produce, Traditional Country Preserves, and the Community Stall (Natural Microgreens),

Hazelnuts – Nutt Ranch,

Strawberry vendors – Golden Mile Produce and Hedgerow Hydroponic,

and you know where to get that yummy cheese.

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds.

Inspiring messages from the NZ Farmers’ Market conference

Two market members attended the extremely inspiring NZ Farmers’ Market conference last week. See if you can spot them in this picture.

Here is a snapshot of the wide range of topics and messages covered

  • Lorraine Jacobs, one of NZ’s most respected food writers asked us to tell more Stallholder stories – letting you know what our people do and why.
  • Kay Baxter, co-founder of Koanga Institute spoke about organic gardening and how to set this up so it is economically viable on as little as 40 m2 as well as to preserve our heritage seeds and to grow things relevant to our area.
  • Robert Bradley of Whangarei Growers Market, the biggest and oldest market in New Zealand, talked about keeping the market authentic, ensuring there was a space for growers to sell their produce.
  • Angela Clifford of EatNZ gave a very informative and thought provoking presentation. She spoke about food resilience, sovereignty, access and economic sustainability. Her big question, of increasing importance to many of us: Do you know where your food comes from?
  • Trish Allen of Mahurangi Waste Busters, who is an environmental educator and freelance permaculture teacher, spoke about zero waste. Avoiding the waste in the first place, through reducing, reusing where possible, recycling, through to treating and disposing. We can all do our bit.

If you’d like to know more, please have a chat to us.

WANTED. Are you a talented foodie who likes to share cooking tips?

Each summer we host cooking demos at the market to showcase our amazing products in funky recipes. We have a custom-made kitchen on wheels for this use and are looking for foodies who like to share their cooking tips and recipes. If you know of a professional chef, talented home cook, nutritionists or handsome foodie who would like to give it a go, give them a nudge to get in touch.

More news from our producers

Pedros Empanadas

Entertainer alert. Long weekends are coming up. Pedro is making food prep easy for you. Take home some of his fresh cocktail Empanadas at $10 for a packet of 12 and fresh gluten free Empanadas. They make great appetisers.

Gourmet Deli brings the goodness

Many rumbling tummies were fed at the Gourmet-Deli’s last week. Margaret reports this cake was a “world beater” gone by 10.30am.

Expect again a treat laden Deli truck. Here’s a preview into their brunch menu this Sunday.

Breakfast brunch Menu

  • Strawberries and cream waffle bowl $8
  • Vegan pumpkin chickpea cakes $6
  • Date scones $4.50
  • Crepe, lemon curd and strawberry cake $5.00 a slice

Community Stall

Pinoli Pine Nuts

We have a growing range of local artisan products to complement stallholders’ wares.

  • Eden Orchards refreshing sparking juice, pure cherry juice, and blueberry juice
  • Marlborough sea salt in eco-friendly packaging
  • Pinoli Pine Nuts
  • Prenzel vinegars and sauces
  • Uncle Joes amazing nut and seed oils
  • Marlborough Garlic Noir (once you’ve tried it you can’t go without it)
  • Lavender
  • New stall holder Drop the BEET and spray free greens from Natural Microgreens.

We welcome others who wants to test the market with their produce to ask about a space at the Community Stall.

mā te wā.

See you Sunday from 9 til noon, unless you are unwell. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow us on FaceBook.and Instagram

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