Did you spot the buzzing hive of activity last Sunday? That was thanks to Alice who brought along her hive frame for a show and tell.

We are buzzing again as this weekend officially marks our first Summer market. Expect a gradual increase of produce and stall holders to arrive over the next few weeks, as well as an increase in temperatures of 20+ degrees this weekend. A big contrast to the cold front last weekend that threatened Marlborough’s budding vines and other outdoor crops.

First off, we anticipate a buzz around the treat laden Gourmet Deli who return for the summer (we’ve got the menu below).

On other juicy news, you also need to meet Kate from Drop the BEET, with her fresh cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices.

Final days for the Bee Awareness Colouring-In Competition

Do you know a child that loves colouring in? Our competition finishes on October 4 so it is not too late to join the fun. Download your copy here and drop your entries in to the community stall this Sunday. We would love for your kids or grand kids to take part in the fun.

Five budding artist kids will win a Koanga Garden’s NZ Heritage pack of seeds, and the first 30 entrants also our popular “I love Farmers Markets” sticker.

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds, but first, please keep scrolling for more exciting news.

In brief

We are possibly speaking for all French pâté lovers when we say we are in pâté heaven now that we can finally say “See you Sunday for some Craft pâté.”

For all the meet lovers out there, Long Acre Farm’s paddock raised heritage pork producers will have fresh pork for sale this week, representing great value. Feel happy buying from local farmers who raise happy pigs. The Long Acre farm kitchen will be open too.

The strawberry season has arrived in earnest now that they are available both at Golden Mile Produce and Hedgerow Hydroponic Strawberries. Check out the extremely large fruit grown by Stephen and Sally Harnett. They must be singing to them.

More news:

Introducing Kate from Drop the BEET

Attention all juice lovers!!! Kate’s fresh cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices will be available bottled or poured over ice in compostable eco-cups.

Kate is hugely excited to join the market. She says “when I first started Drop the BEET in my hometown in Canada in 2014, it was my dream to sell cold pressed juice at my local farmers’ market.” But then she packed up her bags and moved to NZ. Well, Canada’s loss is Marlborough’s gain. We look forward to having her dip her toes at the community stall. What we love about her already is that she uses beautiful locally grown produce from Spudz n Greens.

We also love that she uses compostable ecoware cups and take home glass bottles.

Today we’re introducing you to one of her juices called “The Sunshine”. Made with carrot, orange, pineapple, ginger, and turmeric, this sweet, soothing and nutritious juice goes well over ice. Come buy one and see for yourself.

Gourmet Deli returns for summer

The tummy is rumbling at the anticipation of Gourmet-Deli’s return. Customers, old and new, you will need to check out the Deli truck brimming with mouth-watering items.

Breakfast brunch Menu

  • Salmon cream cheese Bagel with Koromiko fresh poached Eggs $10
    Ham and ricotta omelette with market salad  greens and beetroot chutney $12
    Cheesecake with  top pick golden Mile strawberries in a Waffel bowl  and fresh cream $8
    Groper cheeks fish pies exceptional $6.00
    Pumpkin chickpea & nutty pesto vegan cakes $8.00

A new opening and summer special served every Sunday as long as the strawberries last
Waffel bowl of freshness, and decadent delight. $8.00 each

Snail House Bakery

Annette’s usual repertoire will be on offer with all her (and your) favourites. The German rye sourdough is made with fresh milled organic rye and a little wheat from Canterbury. The Linzer tart with hazelnuts from Nutt Ranch, all eggs used are from Koromiko.

There will be a wheat free cake option. Country loaves with fresh milled organic purple wheat and rye, sprouted superseed bread, chia seed crackers and of course the best cinnamon snails in town! Cookies, wheat and sugar free beetroot brownies, and Brezel. Also a lot of cherry pie as it sells so fast!

And as a new item I will be selling a limited amount of traditional German sauerkraut. Fresh as a ready meal full of probiotics.

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds.

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mā te wā.

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