We enjoyed being outside at the market last week even if the weather was a bit damp. Spring is only a few sleeps away now and at the moment it looks like we are in for a balmy 20° on Sunday.

It’s time to prepare for Father’s Day, celebrated on 6th September. Take him out to the market for a Farmers’ Market brunch, busker entertainment or get a foodie pack together for him from the local producers. Whichever way you chose to show him your love, this Sunday is an ideal opportunity to stake out the options at the market to say thank you.

We excitingly welcome back Goats Amore after their winter absence. Transcend yourself to Asia with a Feast Merchant Bao Bun. Enjoy the music from our face painter James, who will be busking again for us this weekend.

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds.

From our stall holders

In brief

  • Goats Amore is finally be back at the market on Sunday with milk, yoghurt and baby goats.
  • Feast Merchants are doing a hand-made bao bun with free range chicken this week.
  • Garden Bees $12.00 sale is finished. 1 kg pots are now $16.00. This excludes Manuka and Honey Dew.
  • Devon will be back with his cordials.


Order your Cheesy Father’s Day gift!

Let’s spoil that special man in your life with some beautiful Italian Artisan Cheeses: Spicy Monello, Smoked Caciocavallo, Fontal and creamy Gorgonzola all made right here in sunny Nelson!

ORDER your Father’s Day pack with Stacey at sales@viavio.co.nz or Online for $ 30.

PICK UP Sunday 6th at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market

Free Delivery for Nelson Area / $10 Delivery for South Island and Wellington- No Rural delivery.


We grow indoor asparagus which has been very popular. It sold out by 10.30am last Sunday to many repeat customers. There are many ways to prepare it. One is to lightly fry it in butter or local olive oil. A real treat.
Cheers Dave

Isobel Olives

We have free bottles this week for fill-your-own bulk oil at only $22.50 for a 750ml wine bottle. So if you forgot to bring your bottle don’t worry, there is no charge for the bottle which has been cleaned carefully to protect your oil.

Remember you can substitute butter with extra virgin olive oil – for every 100gm of butter use 75ml of olive oil. You can add a little salt to match the salt in butter – or not if you wish to reduce your salt intake. Most of all enjoy the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil shown to reduce cholesterol thus reducing the risk of heart disease
Regards Chris

FRUT4U Lowes Orchard

This Sunday only!

We are running a special on Blended Apple Juice.  Just $8.00/3 litre bladder.  Limit 1 per customer.

100% pure apple juice is a good source of nutrients like vitamin C and potassium.  Apple juice is high in water and tastes good, making it a good choice for hydrating.
Andrew & Sue

Traditional Country Preserves

The golden Tamarillo jam is back in stock and has proved very popular the last two weeks. The golden Tam and orange marmalade is also popular although last Sunday the Whiskey and honey marmalade was the most sought after. The “sugar free” maharajah will be back in stock also on Sunday.

Looking forward to a sunny Sunday and a great market.

Cheers, Margaret

Cranky Goat

The beautiful goats that supply Cranky Goat their delicious milk have had a well deserved rest whilst having their wee kids and are ready to begin another great season.

This weekend Cranky Goat will have their soft goats cheese range as well as their popular feta and halloumi. Stock is limited so get in quick! The well known and loved white rind cheeses will be available in the next few weeks so make sure you keep an eye out for those too! 

Homemade Kiwi

We have an exciting new soup this week. It is “The Super Soup” made from Cauliflower Leaves, Spinach and spices. We all know the value of Spinach in our diet but I wonder how many know the value of Cauliflower leaves, the part we normally toss in the compost or down the gurgler! These leaves are rich in Calcium and an excellent source of Iron. They are also full of antioxidants. In addition, these dark green leaves make your soup even more healthy as they contain a good amount of Phytonutrients.

Each pack makes sufficient for three generous servings and are $7.50 a pack or 3 packs of your choice for $20.
Many thanks, Alys

SharpAs Tool Tips

The picture shows a large range of tools I sharpened for a business. While doing the pruning saws it reminded me of the difference between European type saws and Japanese.

The European saws cut on the forward motion [push], the Japanese saws cut on the backward motion [ pull]. It’s a matter of preference which you prefer.

What is important is that you take the pressure off on the non-cutting stroke. The teeth are sharpened in a directional way, if you try to cut or put pressure on the non-cutting stroke the saw will lose its cutting edge much quicker. Some saws have the advantage of being able to cut in both directions.

If you have any of the above tools or anything that has an edge to sharpen, see me at the Farmers’ Market or ring 0274445535

cheers Ron

Enterprising College Student

The Marlborough Girls College Year 13 Business group students making a spray called ‘Keep N Fresh’ had a great time at the market and will be back next month.

Level 2

Here’s a reminder of our changes at Level 2

  1. We remain outdoors.
  2. Stalls will be two meters apart and there is hand sanitiser at each stall.
  3. We will have one entrance way to the Market Arena adjacent the Maxwell Road park entrance.
  4. We are contract tracing, recording the name, email and mobile phone of each customer / group.
  5. Vehicle traffic flow will be one way:  Enter via Alabama Road and Exit via Maxwell Road out past the toilet and administration block.
  6. We will have tables out, but will limit use to one party per table.
  7. Above all, if you are unwell, please stay home.

In case the situation changes, we will use the newsletter once again to let you know how you can support local producers and get the goods you need.

See you Sunday!

See you Sunday from 9 til noon, unless you are unwell. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow us on FaceBook.and Instagram