Hello winter frosts and blue skies. In every frost, no matter how cold, there is a silver lining. They are doing their bit to kill bugs and diseases lurking beneath the bark of fruit trees. The cooler temperatures also benefit the taste of some crops. For instance, cold snaps turn starches to sugar in crops such as parsnips and turnips, improving their flavour.

28 stalls will be on site this Sunday, in and around the sheep pavilion and extended courtyard.

What’s new this week?

  • We have a huge range of seasonal winter veggies and fruit awaiting you
  • Back are Long Acre Farm, Nutt Ranch and River Gold Honey.
  • Our busker this week is Wayne Love.

Discover below:

  • An interview with Flavia Splena from Viavio
  • Olive Oil Specials
  • Honey Specials
  • Winter at the Lowe’s Frut4U orchard
  • Recipe of the week

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds.

An interview with Flavia Splena of Viavio Cheese

Viavio’s award winning cheeses have been at the Marlborough Farmers’ market for a little more than six months. Owners Flavio and Flavia travel over from Nelson each week to offer their handmade Italian Style Cheese and yogurt using A2 milk from Oaklands Farm in Stoke. They also make a Sheep Milk Pecorino cheese.

The pair were not always cheese makers. In a “previous life” Flavia was Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources manager for a big multinational company. Flavio’s job, however, was a little more unusual, at least in Italy. He was a rugby player! He came to New Zealand and played for the Marlborough Red Devils in 1996!

“After many years of International business roles and crazy city lifestyle we were looking for a more “human” dimension as well as relationships”, Flavia explains.

About our market Flavia says “it is a real Community Market. A good family environment with customers as well as among stallholders.

“Since we came to New Zealand 3 years ago we had been totally immersed in our start-up Cheese business, not much time for other activities. In our “previous life” we did a lot of travelling all over the world. A lot of following international rugby matches, we are member of an international Gourmet Association and we did a lot of Charity activities.”

Have a taste of their delicious cheeses while chatting about good food, travel and of course, rugby and cheese.

Updates from our stall holders

Garden Bees

We still have 1 kg pots on sale. This month you only pay $12.00 per kg. This excludes Manuka and creamed honey.

Isobel Olives

I will continue with some oils on special until the end of the month. I have a little 2018 silver medal oil on special (delicate, medium, robust) – buy 2 and get the second half price. This will no longer be certified at the end of this month but remains a quality extra virgin oil. I have small 250ml bottles of 2020 oil, known as olio nuovo available, which is now settling, but remains cloudy and awaiting certification.

Silver medal 2019 medium EVOO is available also. I also have a single variety 2019 Koroneiki, a Greek olive, and a sought-after oil with a silver medal. Come along and taste all the oils and choose what you like.

Chris is sharing his recipe of the week below.

Regards, Chris


Winter on the Orchard…

Some folks think that now the fruit has all been picked off the trees we get to have time off…and…that would be a fantastic thought!  However, that’s not the case and although we do have a bit quieter time in the winter, we do have plenty to keep us busy! 

Yes…we’re still out on those frosty mornings pruning the trees to get them ready for the new seasons crop.  Andrew and Alan are responsible for ensuring this job is done correctly!  There’s a real art and skill to making sure there is going to be fruit come summertime.  As well as the pruning, there are new trees to plant, our orchard shop to run and the markets we attend.

We hope you are enjoying the lovely apples, pears and kiwifruit we are bringing over to Marlborough each Sunday!  If you want to know more information about what you are purchasing then please ask…I know at times there is a wee crowd in our gazebos but we like helping you decide what is the best fruit for your tastes.

See you Sunday

Andrew & Sue


  • SharpAs will not be at the market  this Sunday but will be back the following week.
  • Feast are away for a two-week winter break. Away also are Natural Microgrees, Devon, Craft Pate, and Snail House Bakery.

Recipe of the week

An icecream tip with Isobel Olive Oil

A simple recipe for ice cream lovers – a scoop of vanilla ice cream (Killinchy Gold and Motueka creamery are my favourites), a squeeze of lemon juice and a good pinch of salt sprinkled on the ice cream followed by a covering of Isobel delicate oil will give you something close to a lemon cheese cake.

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