Our beautiful, open air market will be open this Sunday!

We recognise that nourishing, fresh local produce is what keeps us healthy. Stock up on just this at your local Farmers’ Market!

In response to current circumstances we have made changes to keep you, your family, and our staff, stall holders and volunteers safe.

These changes to layout, traffic, sanitising stations, and stall location are noted on this downloadable leaflet. Please take a look.

  • We will have a walk-in entrance from Maxwell Road, and a drive in entrance from Alabama Road. If you park on the grounds, we ask that you please leave via the Northern end, creating a one way, congestion free traffic system.
  • Most important, if you are unwell or at risk please do NOT enter our Market. Your cooperation with this request is paramount.
  • Thanks to Element Distillers for providing the hand sanitiser.

In store for you:

New Zealand Champions of Cheese medal winners Goats Amore, Cranky Goat, and Viavio, sweet figs, vegetarian falafel mix, nice and nutty from the hemp seeds, cocktail empanadas to stock up your freezer, Wakame Grow stimulant to spur on autumn growth, free range pork, minced pork special, superfood microgreens, and much more. Ripening up nicely are watermelons, rock melons and eggplants.

Sadly though, it’s the last market for Lola’s French Bakery. Last chance to grab some delicious French baking.

In these uncertain times, we are proud to celebrate the champion yoghurt and cheese makers in our midst. The results are out for the New Zealand Champion of Cheese 2020. Goats Amore’s Probiotic Goats Milk Yoghurt won Silver. Viavio took out Gold, Silver and Bronze for its many cheeses, and Cranky Goat was awarded Silver and Bronze also.

NZ Champions of Cheese 2020 Gold Medal

  • Viavio Cheese, ViaVio Mozzarella
  • Viavio Cheese, ViaVio Burrata
  • ViaVio Cheese, ViaVio Mascarpone
  • ViaVio Cheese, ViaVio Stracchino
  • ViaVio Cheese, ViaVio Pecorino

NZ Champions of Cheese 2020 Silver Medal

  • Goats Amore, Goats Amore Yoghurt
  • Cranky Goat Ltd, Cranky Goat The Lynton
  • Cranky Goat Ltd, Cranky Goat Ltd The Reginald

NZ Champions of Cheese 2020 Bronze Medal Winners

  • ViaVio Cheese, ViaVio Caciocavallo
  • Viavio Cheese, ViaVio Fontal
  • Cranky Goat Ltd, Cranky Goat Cullensville Gol

Aurevoir Lola!

One of the busiest stalls at the market is sadly leaving us. It is the last market for Lola’s French Bakery, last chance to savour Morgane’s popular French baking.

Brown Sugar Figs

Christine at Daltian Figs says the purple-brown sugar figs have started their seasonal flush. Lesa and Brown Turkey are ripening fast in her figgery and will be at the market on Sunday.

Chickpea, Pumpkin and Hemp Seed Falafel

The vegetarian butcher is now selling a falafel mix that contains chickpeas, oven roasted pumpkin and hemp seeds.  It’s nice and nutty from the hemp seeds. 

Empanadas handy for the home freezer

Pedro will have fresh cocktail size Empanadas packets of 12 for $10 good to keep in the freezer for unexpected events or guests. Wild venison in a port wine sauce, chicken, spicy beef, roasted pumpkin, re fried bean salsa and corn.

Golden Mile Produce

The sun is shining in Spring Creek, growing these beautiful melons and eggplants. Watermelons, rock melons that smell and taste even better than they look and fabulous eggplants that you can enjoy in a myriad of ways. Fresh, Local, Delicious.

Wakame Grow Seaweed Biostimulant

The fruit and berries have given their best rewards for the season. Now in Autumn is the time to reload and recharge the flower and fruiting buds for next season.

Wakame Grow seaweed extract combined with Urea or other Nitrogen source sprayed onto leaves now will be absorbed back into the plant and stored for next Spring’s flowering and bud growth. This is a task to be finished now before leaf fall.

Pork Mince Special

Long Acre farm is pleased to be back at the Marlborough Farmers Market.

We do still have a few cuts of our free range pork to take home and have on hand when needed. We are offering our minced pork at $10 a kg this week, delicious and nutritious.

Long Acre farm Kitchen

As we are all participating in the fight against spreading the virus we have all three of our food items available for you to take home and enjoy.

  • Bacon butties with onions
  • BLAT
  • Our hunger buster ‘Saddleback”
  • NEW – Breakfast burger – Bacon, hash brown and a Koromiko egg

Welcome to text or phone in your order on 0272720023.

SharpAs Tips Chisels

Amongst the range of handy tools in a workshop are hand Chisels. When sharpened properly these tools are very useful for repairs to all manner of jobs. Recently Ron  sharpened some near new chisels that were not performing well. Sometimes in mass production the finishing edge is not achieved.

Finishing the edge on these tools to a high finish means they can now remove wood like a fine shaver rather than tearing.

Like all cutting tools in the workshop or in the garden, it’s the time taken in finishing the edge to the SharpAS standard that gives the best value for money. SharpAs will be at the Farmers’ Market every Sunday following the new measures to keep you safe. SharpAs is also running a pickup and delivery service for those that would prefer.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine.

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!