The sun is rising earlier, so on Sunday we get to move our clocks forward with daylight savings. Is there a better way to finish a slightly shorter night than with a coffee at the market? (sleeping-in is overrated!).

Let the gentle sun rays in the food courtyard wake you. Come and listen to Wayne Love, one of our regular market buskers. Bring the kids, they surely would love a strawberry or face paint treat.

Did we say strawberries? Yes, Hedgerows are back.

In variable spring fashion, a few new items at the markets are in short supply. For duck eggs, goat milk and asparagus the early bird catches the worm.

This Sunday is the last of our indoor markets. With more stall holders coming out of hibernation as the weather warms, we stick to tradition of moving outside on the first weekend of October.

We have had a fabulous winter market. They get bigger and better each year. Thank you so much for your support.

Read on for more great reasons to see you Sunday.

Highlights from the stall holders

Helen’s Garden Plants

It’s time to get the garden beds ready. Helen has a range of vegetable plants including lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, silverbeet, perpetual spinach, rocket and tomatoes for your veggie patch. She says right now, tomato plants still need to be protected from the cold weather. She also has flowering perennial plants and herb plants.


Marco and Silvia’s customers last week appreciated the new Dark Rye and Quinoa and the Pumpkin Seed Bar so they will be back with more on Sunday. Marco is also baking the same range of popular Sourdough that you have come to enjoy.

Pedros Emanadas

After eight years, Pedro will have a small price increase on the Empanadas from Sunday. They will be $2 each or 4 for $7.

Three Cats

Sarah and Alex recommend their pear, ginger and walnut chutney with cheese, especially blue. For a base, have you tried the Snailhouse Bakery’s chia crackers?

Vegan meringues are back also this Sunday. Plus all the other usuals are in stock.


This week is “Smoothie Week” at the Homemade.kiwi. Green Monster Smoothies are delicious and a great healthy start to the day. So quick to make, simply add your favourite liquid to the dehydrated fruit and vegetables and blend for 2 minutes.

Also, new this week is Alys’s pure vegetable stock. Veggies straight from the garden, dried and powdered with no other additives, including salt.



Pumpkins can be very hard to cut, even with a large sharp knife. Ron has a genius tip for you this week.


Sharp Cleavers are great for cutting up pumpkins. With the use of a rubber mallet as well you can place the cleaver on the pumpkin and tap the cleaver through the pumpkin with very little effort. It makes the cutting up very safe, with no risk of slipping as is the case when trying to force a knife through the pumpkin skin.

Snailhouse Bakery

Annette is back with German sourdough rye and rye country loaves, Brezeln, and cinnamon snails. Sorry she says, no strudel but apple crumble cake and cherry pie, Linzer Torte and Pacific Island Pani Popo. What more could your taste buds ask for?


New season spring asparagus is popular. Most Sundays by 11am Dave has none left, so plan to get there early if you want some.

Goats Amore

Just like asparagus, the goat milk has been in demand. Get there early or miss out.

Traditional Country Preserves

Duck eggs equally sold early, in the first hour in fact. If you are interested in any, head to Margaret’s stall first.

Koromiko Free Range Eggs

Remember to return your clean Koromiko cartons to help Georgina and Jimmy to reuse and recycle.

Community Stall

We have a growing range of local artisan products to complement stallholders’ wares.

  • Eden Orchards sparking and pure cherry juices
  • Marlborough sea salt in eco-friendly packaging
  • Prenzel vinegars and sauces
  • Uncle Joes amazing nut and seed oils
  • Marlborough Garlic Noir (once you’ve tried it you can’t go without it)
  • Lavender essential oils

We are also joined by smaller producers, such as the lovely Jen from Saffron Marlborough with her aromatic saffron, Mississippi Herbs with cut herbs and potted herbs, Spray Free greens, and welcome others who wants to test the market with their produce.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!