More stall holders are returning from winter hibernation. We welcome back Isobel Olives, Helen’s Garden Plants and Goats Amore.

A new face at the market is Jen from Saffron Marlborough. This week Feast Merchants special dish teams up Saffron Marlborough’s delicate saffron spice with Dave Harwood’s asparagus and prosciutto. It will be worth coming to the market just for that, although cuddling little Arlo, one of Goat’s Amore’s goats is also a delight.

Adding variety to the market, Stephen now offers hydro and fancy lettuce. And if you haven’t tried Little Beauties chocolate dipped kiwi slices yet (DF), this Sunday provides another chance.

Read on for more great reasons to see you Sunday.

Highlights from the stall holders

Feast Merchants

This week’s special:

Handmade potato gnocchi, Saffron Marlborough infused cream, Daves asparagus, poached free range Koromiko egg & prosciutto.

And of course The Royale Beef Sandwich and other yummy food to feast on.

Wakame Grow

Wakame Grow Seaweed Plant Biostimulant.

One of the best fertilizers you can use for your plants is liquid Seaweed, yet it is probably the last fertilizer people think of buying when they purchase their plants and seeds.

Seaweed products are renewable, sustainable, biodegradable and non-toxic and non-hazardous to humans, animals or birds plus they improve the growth and health of garden plants and fruiting trees.


Asparagus is in hot demand. You may need to be there early, to ensure you don’t miss out. This asparagus also features in Feast Merchants special this Sunday. A double treat.

Pedros Empanadas

Celebrate Chilean Independence Day with Pedro on Sunday. It is the most important Chilean holiday which celebrates independence from Spain. People in Chile have Empanadas and good Chilean wine to celebrate. Pedro will have extra Beef Empanadas as they are the typical ones.

Goats Amore

It’s so good to have Goats Amore back. You can find them at the back by the Children’s play area. Kids love cuddling the baby goats, and for the adults there is amazing fresh goats milk.

Arlo and Cinnamon at the market last week loved the cuddles and attention they got.

Homemade Kiwi

Spring is here and the soup season is almost over. Stock up now for the last of Homemade Kiwi’s delicious soup packs.

New this week

  • Vegetable Stock Powder made from all the healthy garden vegetables.
  • Vegan Hemp Protein Bars, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, made with dates, peanut butter, almonds and Maple Syrup.
  • Crunchy Honey Seed Bars, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, made with a combination of healthy seeds and honey.

Don’t forget to order your Christmas cakes.



Pruning saws are ideal for doing those bigger cuts. To make clean cuts it’s important that the cuts are made with a sharp pruning saw. SharpAs can sharpen your pruning saws including those with hardened teeth.

Save both money and the environment by getting your pruning saw sharpened at the market.


Minghettis has a new flavour for you to try: a wholesome dark loaf with white quinoa.

Silvia says it’s made with a combo of cocoa, dark malt and a touch of molasses, enriched by a quinoa porridge. It is unsweetened aside a tiny percentage of the molasses.

Here is a picture of Minghetti’s best sellers Pumpernickel and Fruit Loaf.

Traditional Country Preserves

New flavour Tamarillo Gold Jam to join Margaret’s popular new Orange and gold Tamarillo marmalade at the market on Sunday.

Gift baskets have been popular the last few weeks, mainly for birthdays and anniversaries, plus orders are already coming in for Christmas baskets especially from corporate clients. Margaret says, “We do give discounts for multiple baskets”, so keep that in mind. Closer to Christmas the $10 bon-bons are also popular for secret Santa gifts.

Specials this week
  • Russian fudge $4 a pack
  • Tua Marina Lagoonside HONEY now $8.00 a bottle

Muffins this week Blackberry & apple $2 eachand you may even find Duck eggs at Margaret’s stall. She says the ducks have been a bit on and off with laying, so if you are interested leave her your phone number and I can ring when we have them.

Koromiko Free Range Eggs

Reusing and recycling is at the forefront of Georgina and Jimmy’s mind. The pair would like to encourage you to bring back your clean Koromiko trays, dozen and half dozen packs to refill.

Georgina stresses that they only take Koromiko trays, not those branded by other companies.

Isobel Olives

Isobel Olives is back from a winter break and will be at the market on Sunday. Make sure you say hi and try the new season oil. Chris says this year he has Koroneiki as a single variety. Bulk oil will be available so bring a bottle if you would like to fill your own. If you forget there will be an empty bottle available for a small charge.

This month is Bee Aware month, so to celebrate think about switching to Beeswax cloths instead of using clingwrap. You’ll be helping bees, as well as preventing plastic going into the landfill.

The U16 Waterpolo team is fundraising with Sheep poo

Big bags of sheep poo will be for sale from the community stall this weekend. The Under16 waterpolo team is fundraising for the national tournament in Auckland this year.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!