Your Weekly Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

Autumn, synonymous with harvest time, is a continuum of summer’s fresh produce abundance .

We are fortunate to have a brilliant variety of stall holders at the market from whom you could potentially source 80-90% of ingredients for your daily meals. Have you ever tried this?

Clean eating and farmers’ markets go hand in hand—both advocate for a closer relationship with your food and its producers, whether it’s the beekeeper behind the honey or the farmer behind the vegetables. Clean eating emphasizes nutrient-dense, wholesome foods that are free of preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides, and other harmful ingredients.

Next week, from Saturday 6 April until 13 April we are celebrating National Farmers Market week.

Our invitation to you is to join us in the clean eating challenge to eat as much from the market as possible for a week. Start this week by watching Regan prepare his Oyster mushrooms during the cooking demo. Throughout the next fortnight we will be supporting you with ideas and recipes on our FaceBook page.

We look forward to seeing you at the market this Sunday, to forage for raspberries, figs, stone and pip fruit, meat, milk, honey, cheese, nuts and veggies of course. Our coffee and food trucks will be there as per usual with a caffeine fix and delicious food for hungry tummies.

This weekend is also the last chance to vote for your favourite Farmers’ Market. If you haven’t quite managed to vote yet, there is no time like the present to help your local market get to #1.

Nominations can be made until Sunday by visiting outstandingfoodproducer.nz or facebook.com/OutstandingNZFoodProducers/

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

New baker on the block

This week we welcome Marco Minghetti to the market. He is a maker of natural crafted fresh bread. We look forward to having him on board.

From our Producers

Lola’s French Bakery

Look out for new treats from Lola’s French Bakery. This week indulge in “oranais” also known in English as Danish apricot or apricot croissant.

Also try genuine French “viennoiseries” so rendez-vois this Sunday to treat yourself with Lola!

Mississippi Herbs

Mississippi Herbs has bags of padron peppers for $2.50.

Wikipedia tells us that these small peppers originating from Spain are peculiar because, while their taste is usually mild, a minority (10-25%) are particularly hot. Whether a given pepper ends up being hot or mild depends on the amount of water and sunlight it receives during its growth, in addition to temperature. It’s said that solely watering the soil of the plant is likely to produce milder pimentos, whilst watering the whole plant, leaves and stalks included, produces peppers of the spicier variety.[

Padron Peppers

The peppers are customarily fried in oil and served as tapas. We’ve got a simple recipe for you below.

Community Stall

Sparkling nerine flowers in hues of white, pale pink, hot pink, salmon, orange and red are back again, along with lemons, Swiss Chard with fun red, yellow or white stemmed bunches and New Zealand Spinach.

Traditional Country Preserves

Old favourites green gooseberry jam and blackcurrant jam and Chilli sauce are back in stock, head over quick before they are gone.

Tua Marina honey is also back. Come and have a taste as it changes slightly during the season. This particular batch includes the first honey from Margaret’s granddaughter Alice’s hive. You may have meet her when she has been helping on the stall.

The Purple Patch

Green and butter beans ae in abundance, but sunflower lovers listen up, it’s the very last for these rays of sunshine and there are only a few.

Boomtown Sauce and Spice

Fran has returned from his overseas trip. Look out for a new Boom sauce or two.

Long Acre Farm

Long Acre Farm has its bacon back in stock!

This is your stop too for a large variety of cuts of free range farmed pork.

On special this week: lovely loin roasts, perfect for 2 or four people.

Long Acre farm kitchen will have the Baconator bacon butties, the Saddleback burger, pig on a stick, and a Farmers’ breakfast with lots of lovely free-range bacon and koromiko eggs, potato rosti and toast.

Isobel Olives

“If you are looking for a food that will protect you against the risk of heart disease and cancer, reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, overcome digestion, gallbladder and constipation problems, contribute to brain, nervous system and bone development, as well as support arthritis and diabetes, then the simple solution could be to incorporate Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) into your daily diet”, says Chris Piper.

Tip of the day: Look for the Olives NZ red sticker as your assurance of quality.

Pick up Isobel’s Silver Medal Liquid Gold for a healthier you this Sunday.

This week’s choice for your fruit bowl


Next to the delicious Cranky Goat cheeses is your stop for tasty, antioxidant laden raspberries.

Did you know they dated back to pre-Bronze Age? Legend has it that when the Greek gods went to Mt. Ida in Turkey they returned with raspberries. The delicate unique flavour, with the fragrant bouquet, still makes raspberries a favourite with fruit lovers today.


  • Golden Queen peaches…second to last week 
  • Apples – Cox Orange, Royal Gala, Pac Beauty, Golden Delicious,  Red Delicious, Jonathan,  Jonagold
  • Pears – Comice, Taylor’s Gold, William Bon Chretien

Windsong Orchard

Windsong will have a good supply of the dark flesh organic omega plum perfect for making sauce and jam. Look for the 2 kg bags of smaller grade for $8.


Riverina is known for their fresh almonds, but they have also been a popular stop for fig lovers of late.

Cooking demo

Stallholder Regan Russell from the Fungus Dungeon will tell you everything you need to know about Oyster mushrooms. He will share how he grows these exotic mushrooms and cook some up for you to taste.

Perfectly Fried Padron Peppers Recipe

Padron peppers are best enjoyed as an appetizer prepared in the most simple way by cooking in a hot olive oil coated frying pan and sprinkled with sea salt before serving.

For the three simple ingredients head to Mississippi Herbs, Isobel Olives and the Community Stall

Prep Time, 2 mins, Cook Time 5 mins, Total Time 7 mins, serves 4


2 generous cups of Padron peppers

1-2 tablespoons olive oil

Sea salt for sprinkling


Add olive oil to a hot frying pan, when the oil is hot and shimmering add the peppers.

Cook and stir the peppers until the skin is brown and blistered.

Remove the peppers from the pan, place on a plate and sprinkle with sea salt to taste.

Source: Honest Cooking

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!