Your Weekly Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

We have had rain and more rain. It’s good for the produce, and the summer dry soil.

Sunday promises some fine spells, but regardless, we will be there rain or shine.

Hopefully the weather is not too much of a concern for our friends in the wine industry who are now in the middle of vintage.

Regardless, harvest time makes for a bountiful time of the year, creating lots of choice at the market.

Enjoy seasonal produce with tree ripened pip fruit, stone fruit, beans, root vegetables, pumpkins and new season tomatoes. Besides that, seek out artisan producers for goat milk, cheeses and small goods, we have so much fare. Check out the beetroot recipe in this newsletter.

Come on down to the market with the whole family. Kids love having their face painted while you shop to fill the weekly larder. The coffee will be hot, the breakfast will be cooking too to feed hungry tummies.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

From our Producers

Pedros Empanadas

Hi! I will have some yummy Spicy pork and Sage Empanadas and fresh Fettuccine pasta. Thanks Pedro.

The Purple Patch

This week we will again have green beans, blackboy peaches and of course sunflowers. We will also have topiary lavenders. These are dentata lavenders and so flower for most of the year but always look especially good in winter when there are not many flowers around.

Spudz n Greens

New Seasons Pumpkins, Sauce Tomatoes, Agria Potatoes plus many more locally grown seasonal fresh vegetables

Traditional Country Preserves

Traditional Country Preserves has some products back in stock.

Two dessert sauces- The new Sav-Blanc and Peach (It also makes a great drink) and the old favourite Raspberry and blackcurrant. You have to try them, they are very popular.

Also back in stock Tamarillo Chutney, Black currant jam and hopefully a sugar free chutney.

Isobel Olives

Victors from the 1st Olympic Games were awarded wreaths and jars of olive oil from the sacred Olive Trees. That is how prized Extra Virgin Olive Oil was in ancient times and why today, it’s still called Liquid Gold.

Come and pick up your bottle of Liquid Gold from Isobel Olives at the Marlborough Farmers Market on Sunday.  We have three flavours – delicate, medium or robust, so something for everyone.

Beetroot Hummus Recipe

This recipe has been recommended by Kathryn from Spudz n Greens. It was inspired by LeaderBrandProduce. Kathryn says “it’s real yummy on garlic crackers.” Here it is adapted, using market produce.

250g Spudz n Greens Beetroot

400g Found Food hummus

1 teaspoon cumin powder

Salt to taste


Boil the beetroot to the skins start to fall off, then peel, chop and process in a food processor until smooth. Styr in the cumin and hummus. If it looks a bit thick drizzle in a little Isobel Olive Oil and a couple of teaspoons of cold water.

Season to taste and serve immediately or keep in the fridge.

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!