Your Weekly Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

It’s barely autumn and the grape harvest has already started. With that our region welcomes a brand-new international population of vintage workers.

Last week we counted record numbers at the market, some of that probably thanks to the vintage. Let’s hope the harvest is straight forward for everyone with settled weather. In the meantime, we have lots of produce to share and enjoy with everyone at the market. Goats milk ice cream, corn, organic plums, fresh veggies, nuts, eggs, artisan cheeses and meats, to name a few are all looking for appreciative homes. We do have a bounty of choice in Marlborough.

Let us invite you to stop by for your weekly grocery shop from the farm gate to your dinner plate. While here while the morning hours away to the sound of buskers, while enjoying a hot coffee with breakfast goodness from our many food stalls and learn a new recipe from local guest chef Roger Raizada at the cooking demo.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

From our Producers

The Nut Ranch

Feeling like a tasty nutty dessert? Get yourself some Hazelnut Crumble Mix for an easy dessert using seasonal fruit. It contains all the dry ingredients to make a quick yummy fruit crumble, just add fruit and butter.


FRUT4U will have the following fruit at the market on Sunday

Fayette Peaches


Blackboy Peaches

$5 per small bag, $10 per large bag

Royal Gala Apples

Pacific Beauty Apples

Cox Orange Apples

Bon Cretien Pears

$2.50 per small bag, $5 per large bag

Coming soon…Golden Queen Peaches

Lola’s French Bakery

This Sunday come and grab a delicious brioche at Lola’s French Bakery. You can taste this yummy soft bun with jam, chocolate or even cheese! Have it your way and make sure you treat yourself with Lola’s pastries.

Did you miss our Q&A with Lola earlier this week on Facebook? Have a look here.

Isobel Olives

Dr EVOO spiked lemon icecream

Find the best vanilla bean ice cream you can and make a ball of ice cream with an ice cream spoon.

Grate a pinch of lemon zest over the ice cream then a drizzle of Delicate Isobel olive oil on top with a pinch of salt and devour slowly, absorbing the multitude of flavours as you dig in. A splash of lemon juice helps too.

This recipe can be made without lemon, just oil and salt on ice cream, or add pineapple for a tasty variation. 

You can pick up our Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the Farmers Market on Sunday. See you there.



The first flush of figs is ready. Add some cheese and roasted Riverina almonds for a yummy afternoon snack.

Windsong Orchard

New recyclable punnets are being trialled at Windsong Orchards. You can either tip the plums straight into your bag or pay 50c deposit for the bio degradable punnet, and bring it back next week to trade it. Follow this link to watch Jenny explain in 30 seconds or less.

Mississippi Herbs

For exotic looking squash try Mississippi Herbs range of scallopini, patty pans, summer squash, whatever you call them, the most frequently asked question is “how do you cook them?”

The short answer is, the same way as zucchini. Or cut them in half widthways so you end up with two round “spaceship” shaped pieces. You may need to trim the bottom to get them to sit flat. Top them with pizza toppings and bake.  Don’t tell your kids they are eating vegetables and they will scoff them!

Another enterprising way is to cut them in strips with a potato peeler or sharp knife and use them as a salad, marinated in a herby vinaigrette dressing. Grated into fritters or frittata; baked for a short time with a roast; chopped into wedges in a stir fry; sliced and char grilled and dressed with basil pesto – what is not to like about scallopini?

Cooking demo

Local chef Roger Raizada will introduce you to the Fodmap Diet for better taste and better health. Join him as he cooks whole capsicum and eggplant with beef mince – sounds tasty!!!

The cooking demos give you a chance to ask our professional chefs the pro questions, have a taste and sample the finished dish.

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!