Every week visitors tell us how much they love the atmosphere that we present at the market.

For instance, they enjoy wandering the stalls, sipping coffee at the picnic tables, the freshest produce in the region and some of the best breakfast in town, prepared in the early hours of the morning by our food cart vendors, to bring it to you as fresh as possible.

Sundays means a rest from the morning dishes by having breakfast at the market, to the tunes of our travelling busker while catching up with friends and family.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

Breakfast and brunch

Here’s a taste on what’s on offer this weekend.

Gourmet deli

Pumpkin, chick pea spinach burger topped with basil pesto and tomato, 2 poached eggs and chutney $10

Homemade sausage wrapped in bacon, eggs, and grilled tomato $12

Fresh Blueberry shortcake and cream $6

Bacon, Koromiko Free Range egg, avocado, tomato, and aioli on open toasted rye bread $10

Grilled home made sausage wrapped in bacon with sauté potato and poached eggs with plum sauce

Feast Merchants

Feast Merchants are keeping their menu a tight secret but let slip that they have been selling more ice cream and sorbet in the hot weather, made totally from scratch with local fruits.

Pedros Empanadas

Pedro’s empanadas in 9 flavours also make a delicious smaller snack on the run, hot to have at the market, or take away chilled to heat at home.

More Market Highlights

Snailhouse bakery

Annette will be back with lovely sourdough bread, a 100% rye seed bread (new recipe!), a marble cake, morello cherry crumble slab, crackers and other baked goodies. Make sure you stop by to get your baking needs, as she comes once a fortnight.


After stock being totally wiped out after attending summer festivals, Nyama has caught up and will have a full table on Sunday.

This includes the ever popular Cabanossi sausage which always sells out. A pork, beef and spek sausage which is lightly smoked, air dried and has garlic, cayenne, caraway flavours.

All Nyama products contain no funny stuff.

Peter the Swiss Butcher

For traditional Swiss meats see the Swiss Butcher. Landjaeger, meaning hunter in English, is a dry-cured sausage that is made small enough to slip into any pocket for the hiking, fishing or hunting trip. Hence the name.

Traditionally made with beef and pork, Peter’s Landjaeger is made with black angus, pork and local Pinot Noir. Apart from the name, there’s no other unpronounceable funny stuff in them, that means no nasties. Plus they are Gluten Free.

Come and taste them this Sunday.

Traditional Country Preserves

Margaret will be at the market this week, ready to help you stock up on your daily preserves.

She has a message for all those who shop at the Gourmet Collection between markets. The store has new owners and will be closed for about 2 weeks, so make sure you pay Margaret a visit this Sunday, she would love to see you.

Onion marmalade (a chutney) and Whiskey and honey Marmalade are both back in stock. Baskets and bonbons also still available.

The Purple Patch

Stop by Judy and Colin to pick up lovely spray free green and butter beans, billington plums, sunflowers, and the last of the calla lilies for the season. They are hoping to bring greengages too.

Isobel Olives

You can now get the 2018 Silver Medal oils in 500ml and 250ml bottles. There is still a small amount of 2017 oil left and our Delicate 500 and 750ml oil is on special, so grab a bargain before it is all gone.

We also have new Kiwiana Beeswax Wraps in stock.

If you missed Chris’s salad dressing recipe, here’s the link to look back on last week’s newsletter.

Busking entertainment

Travelling busker Reinis Young with his exceptional guitar playing techniques is back to entertain you for another Sunday.

Reinis is a passionate traveller all the way from Latvia, Riga. Listen to his music and find out more about him in our last newsletter issue.

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!