Your long weekend Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

After a short week with two long weekends either end, why not head to the market celebrating the Marlborough region’s founding day (Marlborough Anniversary) during a lazy breakfast, brunch or pleasant weekly shop?

Give the pots, pans and dishwasher at home a rest and enjoy the alfresco setting among the hustle and bustle of the Marlborough Farmers Market.

See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!

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Feast Merchants

Smoked beef cheek tacos with Marlborough black garlic mole, in handmade flour tortilla.

Cheddar buttermilk biscuits (like a scone/bread) with bacon, tomato & chive hollandaise and spinach.

Cheese scones

Homemade ice cream.

Gourmet Deli breakfast menu

Sausage, bacon, egg, tomato muffin with sauté potatoes, plum sauce and poached eggs $12

Grilled Salmon Kumara cake with poached eggs and aioli $15

Poached Tay berry pancake, cream and fresh strawberries $10

Bacon and cheese omelette with sauté potatoes $10

For the sweet tooth the Gourmet Deli is also making pancakes for breakfast with tay berry and strawberries. The cinnamon oysters are becoming popular, they are a great light item with your coffee.

Stuffed fresh egg plant vegan special

Stuffed baked half pumpkins – vegetarian, gluten free


In the Long Acre Farm kitchen Ricky and Nairn are serving up hot roast pork rolls from free range rolled pork shoulders seasoned with thyme and garlic.



Take home some Long Acre Farm fresh cuts of free range pork for a long weekend BBQ or a selection of Swiss Butcher sausages .

Add to that a fresh garden salad, head over to John from Edible Gardens who is joining Leah at the Mississippi Herbs stall again this weekend. Look for the freshest bags of mixed salad, crispy tangy microgreens.

Paired with Mississippi Herbs’ fresh herb bunches, salad dressings and fresh veggies, you are well on the way to a healthy week’s shopping, that is tasty too.

Talking about health, do you eat Gluten free? Then you must try Pedro’s fresh, gluten free pasta, which also makes for a speedy meal – it only takes two-minutes to cook.


Riverina have some cute hens free ranging in the almond grove. Their eggs are for sale this weekend. $5 per dozen till the size gets a bit bigger.


Nuts and fruit make great healthy snack foods. Lucky for us that we have quite a range of nuts on offer, as well as apples and strawberries. Frut4U say it will be the last week for Royal Gala. They will be $1 per kg again this week. That’s a great school lunch box filler.


Say it with flowers (and veggie plants)

As you stroll past the community stall splash out on a splash of colour with Jill’s red Hippeastrums plants and make the most of Peony season with a beautiful dash of pink or red blooms.


It’s time to get the veggie patch sorted during this long weekend. John from Edible Gardens has heirloom tomato plants, zucchini and pumpkin plants as well as a range of larger grade herb plants on offer.

Helens Garden Plants will add pretty colours to your outdoors area with flowering perennials and popular veggie plants to boot including tomato, pepper, zucchini and cucumber plants.


What else will you find at the market? Fresh vegetables and fruit, Hummus and tempeh, extra virgin olive oil, honey, preserves and cheese, goat’s milk, European sausages, cured meats, and fresh caught Cook Straight fish.


Let us hope we have a sunny day like last Sunday


O’ Lola, a spot of France in Marlborough

After the almond cream, Lola’s focus this week on the “crème pâtissière”, also known as custard.

Custard is part of many dessert recipes: choux à la crème, éclair, gâteau basque, saint-honoré, tarte Tropézienne…

Lola’s French Bakery does her own home-made custard and uses it in her crème pâtissière (rolled pastry with custard and raisins) and her “Roxie Rolls” (rolled pastry with custard and chocolate chips).

LOLA’S TIP: custard is also part of many fruit pies recipes such as the “Tarte aux Fraises” (strawberry pie) which is the perfect seasonal treat.


Fungi Spotlight

These pretty Oyster Mushrooms from the Fungus Dungeon (at the community stall) are liking the summer like heatwave, growing a bit faster. There might be a few more for sale than last week?

How to prepare them? Our Facebook fans Ali and Phoebe share their favourite recipes:

Cook them in garlic butter until golden on the bottom and then serve with fresh chives and crispy Long Acre Farm bacon crumbs.

Wrap them up in Peter the Swiss Butcher’s prosciutto and slightly BBQ them!! Sooo good.

Oyster Mushrooms are super popular in China. Cooked with pig liver and wood ear mushrooms, also with crisp green veggies (from our veggie stalls) and a light sauce, Oyster Mushrooms make a tasty soup.