French Pastries return, new Salamis and fancy Mushrooms

After a brilliant market back outdoors, this week is super exciting because first of all, we welcome back Lola’s French Bakery, Pinoli Premium Pine Nuts returns after a winter “break” and we welcome the Fungus Dungeon to the market.

We are also excited to announce that The Swiss Butcher is launching his new range of cured salamis this weekend, and a cheese turns one.

To top it off, the brunch menu just gets better and better with Gourmet Deli and Feast Merchants cooking up a storm, not to mention the strawberries in season… come join us this Sunday.

Outdoors at the Marlborough Farmers Market

Outdoors at the Marlborough Farmers Market

See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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Lola’s French Bakery is back !

Yipee, after having a petit bebé, a trip back to France, Lola’s French Bakery finally returns with her yummy French pastries in time for the summer Marlborough Farmers Market. Stop by her stall this Sunday for her crowd pleasing almond croissants (best seller), pain aux raisins, chocolate croissants, brioche. Olala, it’s a short trip to France in Blenheim this weekend.

Lolas French Bakery Almand Croissant

Lolas French Bakery Almond Croissant


Also joining the market again after a winter ‘break’ are Pinoli Premium Pine Nuts with freshly harvested pine nuts. Pinoli’s winter break has been filled with harvesting pine cones at their Wairau Valley orchard.

It’s a cheese birthday

Cranky Goat is celebrating a special cheese’s birthday! The mighty Reginald (Ash) Cheese is turning 1.

To celebrate Cranky Goat has an awesome special for you to enjoy!

You can get your Reginald for $10 this Sunday.

There is limited stock so make sure you get your Reginald quick!

Happy 1st birthday cranky goat

Happy 1st birthday to Reginald Ash

New at the market from Peter the Swiss Butcher

This week Peter is introducing a delicious new range of Salami.

Make sure you head over to him this Sunday to try his

  • Fennel
  • Black garlic
  • Chorizzo
  • Traditional salami
  • And salametti

Salametti is a smaller version of a salami.

No dairy, no gluten, no MSG. Only meat wine spices, time and love!

Use salametti (and salami) on your antipasto tray, salad, or just as an quick bite. Serve with a crusted bread and a selection of cheeses from Cranky Goat and Kaikoura Cheese for the perfect complement. Add some Farmers Market preserves to the mix, a few slices of Braeburn apples from Frut4U, friendly company and you will be in heaven.

Red Braeburn and delicious Vee apples for a juicy, crisp taste with a sweet-tang. Only $2.50 per kg over at Frut4U Lowes Orchard.

red Braeburn apples from Frut4U

red Braeburn apples from Frut4U

New : Fungus Dungeon

Meet Regan from the Fungus Dungeon, new to the market, with his delicate Oyster mushrooms.

Come and have a chat to him and check out his mushrooms at the community stall.

Regan from the Fungus Dungeon

Regan from the Fungus Dungeon


Preserves back in stock

If you’ve been missing out on your favourite toast toppings, and cheese condiments, you will be pleased to hear that Traditional Country Preserves has a range of items back in stock:

  • Crab apple jelly,
  • Whiskey & Honey Marmalade
  • Orange marmalade
  • Mango Chutney
  • S/F Beetroot relish
  • Chilli and capsicum dressing


Don’t forget to check out Three Cats and the community stall for a range of preserves and condiments.

Outdoors at the Marlborough Farmers Market


Certified Olive Oil

Isobel Olive’s new seasons oil has now been certified. Certification means that Isobel Olive oil meets or exceeds international standards. The olive mark is only available for members of Olives NZ and oil grown and produced in New Zealand and It is the consumers guarantee that the oil is extra virgin, is free of defects, and has the incredible extra virgin taste.


Certified Isobel Olive Oil

Certified Isobel Olive Oil


In the garden

After Thursday and Friday’s rain the ground will be nice and moist ready to receive new veggie plants and flowering perennials from Helen’s Garden Plants.


Helen's Garden Plants

Helen’s Garden Plants


Gluten free pasta and empanadas

Pedro has gluten free empanadas and gluten free pasta as well as spiced apples, walnuts and raisins Empanadas this Sunday.


Brunch at the market

Gourmet Deli breakfast menu Sunday

Once you’ve done all your shopping and in between grazing it’s time to stop for a bit to eat. Gourmet Deli is whipping up a delicious breakfast for you.

  • Roasted strawberry pancakes $10
  • Grilled homemade sausage wrapped in bacon with sauté potato and poached eggs with plum sauce $12.
  • Salmon Kumara cakes with poached eggs, aioli and sauté potatoes $15
  • Salmon and chives omelette $12
  • Stuffed vegetarian gluten free 1/2 pumpkin with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese
  • Homemade sausages wrapped in bacon served for breakfast with 2 fresh Poached eggs.

The homemade pork belly five spice and smoked fish pies are available HOT again this Sunday. Did you get a chance to try the Cinnamon oysters with your coffee last week? They were sooooo popular last week the will be having another guest appearance.

Grilled home made sausage wrapped in bacon with sauté potato and poached eggs with plum sauce

Grilled home made sausage wrapped in bacon with sauté potato and poached eggs with plum sauce



Recipe of the week

Leah Gibson of Mississippi Herbs is sharing this week’s recipe which uses quite a few market products.


For the ingredients, make sure you stop by MississippiHerbs, LongAcreFarm, KoromikoFree Range eggs, Field Fresh and Spudz n Greens.




Makes 10-12 kofte, serves 3-4
Preparation: 15 minutes
Cooking: 30 minutes

10-12 wooden skewers
2 cloves garlic
2cm piece fresh ginger
2 cups button mushrooms (about 200g)
6 spring onions, white part and some green only
2 tablespoons rice bran or other neutral oil
500g good-quality pork mince
1 egg
1 cup finely chopped parsley
⅓ cup panko breadcrumbs

recipe curtesy of Stuff