Your Weekly Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

We are heading back outdoors

It’s goodbye to the winter market in the Sheep pavilion, and hello to being back on the grass. We’ve got stall holders coming out of winter hibernation, with more goodies on offer, making the Marlborough Farmers Market is the place to be on Sunday mornings.

Reasons to come? Gourmet Deli (yuss) breakfast or brunch, Cooking demos, fresh local produce for the week direct from the farmer, face painting and kids area, cuddly baby goats.

Nothing can beat a family Sunday morning at the market.

Read on to find out what else is new.


See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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School holiday brunch

I know you too will be excited to hear that we welcome back the Gourmet Deli to the market!!

Famous for their salivating gourmet delights, and famous for serving on real plates with real cutlery.

Margaret is looking forward to catching up with all her valued customers this Sunday. She says they have wintered well and look forward to a fantastic summer catering for the visitors to the farmers market.

Now for the menu…

Served hot …..Gourmet Delis famous home made fresh pies.

This week hot Piesa;

Pork belly 5 spice Pies.
Smoked chilli brisket pies
Smoked Moki fish pies.
Chicken and leek hand pies.
Prawn and garlic chilli hand pies.
Simply the best.

Shepard’s pie cake great with chow chow pickles

Shepard’s pie cake great with chow chow pickles

Vegetable fritatta eggs and vegetable cumin fennagreek and turmeric

Vegetable fritatta eggs and vegetable cumin fennagreek and turmeric

Homemade like mother used to make, light as a feather sponge cream and raspberry jam.

Brownie and pumpkin sheet cake with butter cream cheese icing.

Double smoked Manuka Salmon Kumara cakes with sour cream great breakfast with poached egg

Double smoked Manuka Salmon Kumara cakes with sour cream great breakfast with poached egg


At the Long Acre Kitchen Rick and Nairn are cooking up their free range bacon this week.

Long Acre free range Bacon and Koromiko egg roll

Farmers brekkie, Long Acre free range bacon, Koromiko free range poached egg, potato rosti, Portobello mushroom and asparagus.


Next door at Long Acre Farm fill your bags with free range pork including chops, bacon, roasts and mince.


Or try one of Pedros nine! flavours of empanadas!

Or Peter the Swiss Butcher’s MSG and Gluten Free Bratwurst from Pork, Veal, Chicken or MSG and dairy free Beef and Pork CERVELAT sausages, hot from the BBQ. CERVELAT is a traditional fine Swiss Sausage flavoured with Coriander, Pepper, Ginger and Cardamom. It is ideal to eat hot from the BBQ or as a cold sausage in a cheese salad.


Cheesy news is cranking

This weekend Cranky Goat is kicking off NZ Cheese Month with a “Limited Edition” Cheese.

Cranky Goat has teamed up with Marlborough Garlic using their delicious Black Garlic to create an incredible cheese called ‘Lynton Noir’.

Limited Edition Lynton Noir from Cranky Goat

Limited Edition Lynton Noir

This unique cheese has been created to celebrate NZ Cheese Month, meaning this little beauty is only available until 31st October! A perfect cheese to wow your family and friends with, we can guarantee you will be amazed.

Close your eyes and imagine being greeted with wonderful creamy flavours and textures. Take a bite, and the Marlborough Black Garlic magic begins, responsible for the most delicious caramel flavours, leaving you feeling amazed with the experience and left wanting more!

Make sure you stop at Cranky Goat to taste this limited edition Lynton Noir this Sunday.


Market highlights

Returning for the season is Mississippi Herbs with herb plants, fresh cut herbs, herb products and a little bit of asparagus – only for the early birds! Make sure you set your alarm clock for this one.

Mississippi Herbs asparagus at the Marlborough Farmers Market

Mississippi Herbs asparagus


Garden bees will bee selling creamed honey on special for $13.00 per kg. Kevin says the honey has slight sun damage on one side, but is perfectly safe to eat.

Pedro will have fresh gluten free pasta and spiced apples and walnuts empanadas and 9 flavours of empanadas.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so the saying. They contain Vitamin C, which aids the immune system, and phenols, which reduce cholesterol. They also reduce tooth decay by cleaning one’s teeth and killing off bacteria. It has also been suggested by Cornell University researchers that the quercetin found in apples protects brain cells against neuro-degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease.

Lowe’s Orchard Frut4U has Braeburn and Pink Lady Apples on sale for $1.50 per kg,

Splendour and Pac Queen – $2 per kg,

Royal Gala, Granny Smith and Vee – Red Braeburn $2.50 per kg

The Lowe’s award winning juices is on special during the school holidays. The juices also make for a great holiday activity. Your kids will love munching on fruit jubes made from the juice (scroll down for the recipe) so make the most of Frut4U’s school holiday special:

Pink Lady Juice – 3 litre bladder for $7…$2 off normal price

Remember we have most pantry items. Time to stock up on eggs, veggies, fresh strawberries and citrus of all kinds, flowers, honey, olive oil, preserves and nuts in store for you. The list goes on with tempeh, chickpeas, and fish for the family dish, and goats milk.


For the home garden

Do you love strawberries and are keen to grow your own? It’s time to head to Helens Garden Plants for the last of her strawberry plants – variety ‘Albion’ – which has sweet, juicy large fruit.

Plant your strawberries in full sun in free-draining soil in garden beds or a terracotta pot garden.

For more colour in the garden, add some dwarf irises.

For healthy plants and great flavour try Clive’s Wakame Grow seaweed. First soak plants to stop transplant stress and spray regularly to boost plant growth and health from day one.

Ask Clive about his juicy Grapefruit that he feeds with his Wakame Grow.


Cooking demo

Cristina Cocchi is the first chef in our exciting cooking demo line-up for the summer season.

She will be breaking a few Koromiko eggs to make four varieties of omelettes – Italian, Spanish, French and Japanese.

Cooking demo at the Marlborough Farmers Market

Cooking demo at the Marlborough Farmers Market


Fruit Juice Jubes

These fruit juice gummies will be a huge hit with kids these school holidays.

Lowes Orchard Fruit Jubes

Fruit Jubes made with Lowes Orchard Apple and Boysenberry juice

Warm 250 ml of fruit juice (Apple & Boysenberry from Lowe’s Orchard FRUT4U). When hot remove from heat and add 2.5 tbsp gelatine. Whisk until dissolved and pour into moulds or a lined tin. Refrigerate for 2 hours until set. Turn them out of the moulds and enjoy.

Curtesy of the Nelson Farmers Market