It’s daylight savings

Daylight savings begins this weekend. Spring forward and set your clocks for an hour later. Let go of the fact that you lose an hour in the night and think of all the daylight time you can enjoy after work next week. I’m thinking BBQs, evenings spent gardening and basking in glorious sunshine.

We’ve got delicious coffee and brunch, not to mention the spread of locally farmed and produced goodies for your pantry. Come on down and start daylight savings at the market this Sunday.


See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!

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Speaking of sunshine, this Sunday marks the last in the Sheep Pavilion before we head back outside for the summer season. Fill your bags with plenty of seasonal produce, and your belly with an ever growing selection of brunch items.

a busy Marlborough Farmers Market, under cover

a busy Marlborough Farmers Market, under cover

Long Acre Farm will have Fresh shoulder bacon for sale! Along with their other cuts of free range tasty and local pork (also take a look at their brekkie menu below).


Goats Amore return with udderly cute baby goats, goats milk and goats milk yoghurt.

Helens Garden Plants will have early season vegetable plants and flowering perennials including dwarf bearded irises to brighten up your garden with some colour.

Wander over to Frut4U. They have Pink Lady apples for only 1.50 per kg! Pac Queen and Splendour, Kiwifruit, Royal Gala, Braeburn and Granny Smith ranging from $2 to $2.50 per kg. Plus award winning apple juice from $6 per 3 litre bladder.

Peter the Swiss Butcher will not only have his very popular dried meats and sausages for sale, another reason to drop by is his Chicken Liver Pate – umm, sounds delicious! (not to mention the brunch options).

Peter the Swiss Butcher's pupular dried meats and sausages at the Marlborough Farmers Market

Peter the Swiss Butcher’s popular dried meats and sausages

New at Three Cats along their delicious varieties of pickles are vegan meringues, kimchi and Passionfruit marshmallows! All delicious, just don’t try them all together.

Three Cats

Three Cats

What looks like Nougat but is not Nougat? CHICKPEA TEMPEH!!!!! It’s so delicious, Matt and Tatiana of Found Food are establishing a regular clientele.

Found Food Chickpea Tempeh

Found Food Chickpea Tempeh

Do we have any cheese lovers out there? Well, lock in Sundays to stock up your fridge. Cranky Goat and Kaikoura Cheese have wonderful varieties of cheeses. Perfect for gifts, entertaining and treating yourself after a long day at work.

Some of you met Cranky Goat’s Lynton at the markets over winter. It was such a hit that its now on our summer cheese list! If you haven’t yet, have a taste this Sunday.

Cranky Goat The Lynton

Cranky Goat The Lynton

And don’t forget the selection of honey, nuts, fresh vegetables, olive oil, eggs, strawberries and selection of gift items available from the Community Stall.


Daylight Savings Brunch

Feast Merchants

Stop by Feast Merchants for some Smokey Beef Pie with BBQ Kumara and Horseradish & Watercress Sauce.

They will also be offering cornbread with bacon, tomatoes and poached free range koromiko egg.

And who can resist Fran’s famous real custard squares?

Long Acre Farm kitchen

Long Acre Farm started to serve brunch last week. On the menu this week:

Tender, juicy, overnight slow cooked pork shoulder and bean burritos.

Brekkie Koromiko free range egg and bacon roll

Peter the Swiss Butcher will be serving up his Cervelat bratwurst and pulled beef, with homemade tomato sauce, mustard or sauerkraut.

Peter the Swiss Butcher at the Marlborough Farmers Market

Peter the Swiss Butcher at the Marlborough Farmers Market

Traditional Country Preserves

Traditional Country Preserves muffins with coffee from Ritual or Koffie carts

Traditional Country Preserve Muffins

Traditional Country Preserve Muffins

Pedros Empanadas

Pedro will be back at the market this Sunday with his gourmet empanadas, with plenty of flavour options available: cheese, meat, seafood, and vegetarian. His option is made with Spiced Apples, walnuts and raisins. You can purchase them to eat right away as you stroll round the market or how about taking some home to pop in the freezer or to cook up later on.


Farmers Market Fluffy Omelette

Farmers Market Fluffy Omelette

Farmers Market Fluffy Omelette

After a morning at the market, Frut4U vendors Andrew and Sue whipped up this lunch option made entirely from Farmers Market ingredients:

You will need

  • Koromiko free range eggs
  • Long Acre Farm free-range bacon
  • Spudz n Greens onions
  • Field Fresh capsicum
  • Kaikoura Cheese



Take 3 Koromiko Free Range eggs…separate whites from yolks. Beat whites until they peak. Add yolks and beat until thoroughly blended.

In a fry pan add Long Acre Farm bacon, diced onion and/or shallots from Spudz ‘n Greens, capsicum from Field Fresh, sauté until golden.

Take combined egg mix, put in its own pan and cook on medium heat until the base is golden, add the other ingredients and some grated Kaikoura cheese

Put under grill until nicely brown…fold in half and place on a plate…add salt n pepper to taste.

A delicious, quick, healthy lunch thanks to Frut4U!


Support Local.