Sunday morning coming down

Have you ever heard the phrase “Never trust a skinny cook”?  I wonder if it also applies to the Marlborough Farmer’s Market newsletter writer too – i.e. me!  The wonderful stallholders send me such delicious pictures, recipes and information about their great produce that I find myself very hungry as I write this.  I simply can’t wait until Sunday comes around to once again sample their delectable delights (for research purposes of course!).

See you there.  From nine til noon at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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Guess the stall? Billington plums (red right through) – great for jam, sauce, and eating – fresh spray-free green and butter beans, and of course heaps of glorious sunflowers.  Don’t forget to visit Purple Patch.

It’s peak pesto making season, make a few batches and freeze for later use before your basil bolts and goes to seed (or buy some at Mississippi Herbs).   Pine nuts are so much more than an ingredient for salads and pesto – pick up some Pinoli pine nuts and Windsong plums or other beautiful stone fruit on offer at the Farmer’s Market this Sunday to use in the tasty classic Streusel cake recipe below.  Pinoli still has their Summer market special on … 3 x 70g packs for $20. Great buying, share with a friend or stick a couple in the freezer for later use.

Platters make perfect summer meals and are great for nibbling on when entertaining friends.  Whip one up with fresh fruit from Fruit 4 U, smoked almonds from Riverina, goat’s cheese from Cranky Goat or Kaikoura Cheese, a chutney or pickle from Traditional Country Preserves, and Peter the Swiss Butcher’s fresh Landjaeger, lovely cured meats or delicious chicken liver pate.

Windsong Orchard is swinging into their main plum season. Come along to their stall this Sunday and sample the last of the Black Amber, Bob’s favourite Hawera, luscious Fortune, and even some Elephant Heart if you’re an early bird. Plus there’s a few Angelina Burdette for those with an extreme sweet tooth. Check out their amazing dahlias while you are there!

Taste, experience and enjoy fresh certified extra virgin olive oil at Isobel Olives.  They have four different oils to choose from, from a delicate taste through to a robust sensation.

Mississippi Herbs had such a busy Sunday last week they are having to work overtime to re-stock. Never fear, there are fresh supplies of seeded oat cakes ready for the coming weekend. Chillies are flowering well, and it will not be long before serranos, jalapeños and other flavours are available for those who like it hot! The Scarlet Runner bean plants are such a pretty picture that they would grow them even if they did not produce bean pods. With all the rain, weeds are flourishing as well but the outdoor tomatoes need a touch more sun. Fresh basil is the smell of summer for them so that will feature strongly in the cut herb bunches. Bread, cakes, sweet loaves – all will be revealed on Sunday.

Feast Merchants have let me have a sneak peak into their plans for Sunday, we can look forward to ….

  • Nashville style hot chicken in a handmade flour tortilla, fresh slaw, comeback sauce and pickles

  • Potato and garlic gratin, crispy bacon, spinach, poached egg, tomato and chive hollandaise

  • Waffles and Sommerville strawberries

  • Royale beef sandwich or vegetarian with Cranky Goat’s smoked haloumi

As supreme fan of Lola’s French Bakery I’m delighted to advise that customers now have the ability to order a mix of their delicious pastries and mini pastries for their events (such as tea time, birthdays, special occasions, workshops, etc).  For further information have a chat to them on Sunday.


There’s always a gourmet menu at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market

Gourmet-deli breakfast, brunch and delicatessen items are exceedingly popular and they are very busy bringing you different options weekly.  Special needs are catered for and they serve only on porcelain plates with stainless steel cutlery.  This week look forward to these vegetarian delights…

  • Portobello mushrooms stuffed with chargrilled vegetables, three cheeses and wrapped in streaky bacon.

  • Half a small pumpkin filled with steamed vegetables and topped with smoked cheese.

On request they are also making fresh seasonal apricot and coconut scones again,

and grilled 1/2 egg-plant vegetarian option with grilled mozzarella cheese & vegetables

Oooooh, it looks sooooo delicious!


Pip & Stone Fruit

Stone fruit is abundant at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market this season – delicious varieties are available at Windsong, Eden Orchards, Fruit 4 U and Purple Patch.  Since we’re great believers in helping save our planet at the Farmers’ Market we encourage you to grow your own fruit trees and partake in our pleasure of ‘growing your own’.

Once upon a time fruit trees could be found in every New Zealand garden. Nowadays gardens are smaller and it is difficult to find space, but if you choose carefully they can fit. There are dwarf forms / varieties of most fruits which don’t take a lot of space. These can be espaliered on a fence as space savers. This allows a collection of many fruits spread through the season.

At a Glance

  • Warm, sunny site
  • Choose fruits and varieties best suited to your area
  • Feed and water

Pip fruit such as apples and pears have always been the most popular fruit because of their universal appeal, easy to eat, and ripen over a long season. They are vitamin rich, great tasting, and are relatively easy to grow. They are also very attractive trees with their spring blossom.

  • Stone fruit such as cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines and plums, are also favourites with the great variety of taste.
  • Stone fruit does not keep as long as pip fruit, but with the many varieties giving a spread of maturity, it is possible to plan a spread of harvest dates.
  • Dwarf varieties of most fruits are now available which are ideal where space is limited.

Where to Plant

Choose a warm sunny position, sheltered from strong winds. Pip and stone fruit trees will grow in most soils, but in clay soils, raise plantings and add lots of compost.

When to plant

Pip and stone fruit trees are most commonly available in winter as ‘bare root’ plants. However they can also be purchased in pots at most times of the year. Whilst winter is the main planting season, they can be planted at other times provided they are watered regularly.



Fresh Plum and Pine Nut Streusel Cake

Zoe from Pinoli recommends, “One of my favourite cakes I’ve ever made was using Windsong plums and our pine nuts”

This moist, fruity cake is topped with a pine nut crumb and is beautiful served warm from the oven.



Cooking Demonstration – Manaaki Aunties

Join us at the mobile kitchen (next to the Busker Gazebo) from 10:30am to11:00am for our weekly Cooking Demonstration.

The Manaaki Aunties are back with tips on speedy appetizer ideas for summer entertainment.

This Sunday they are going to show you how to prepare mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres effortlessly using a variety of produce from the market matched with Manaaki’s Maori inspired preserves and condiments.

Manaaki means hospitality, so it couldn’t be more fitting than the Manaaki aunties demonstrating a bit of hospitality at the demo kitchen this Sunday.

Come along to watch how to create mouth-watering appetizers effortlessly and find out more about indigenous ingredients.