Your Weekly Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

One of the fundamental problems I find writing about the delicious fresh produce and baking each week is looking at the mouth-watering images that are sent my way.  Feast Merchants won’t be at the Market on Sunday, but Gourmet-deli, Lola’s Bakery and Mississippi Herbs will all have AMAZING baking for sale – buy early and don’t miss out!  There’s lots of nice ideas for Christmas – order a gift basket from Traditional Country Preserves, a beautiful bottle of olive oil from the Information Stall, a delicious selection of nuts, or a nice honey or balm from Garden Bees.  There’s strawberries galore, just picked veggies, locally acclimatised plants, floral bouquets, free-range eggs, fresh fish and wild game and so much more.  Come shop and brunch alfresco with us this weekend.

See you this Sunday from nine til noon at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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Christmas is just around the corner…

Affordable Gourmet-deli traditionally made Christmas cakes will be available from this Sunday with gluten-free cakes options also available.

















Asparagus may be slowing down but broad beans are speeding up at Mississippi Herbs and they will have some of both at this week’s market.  Fingers crossed they have enough gooseberries to make another Gooseberry and Lemon Thyme cake…gluten free and delicious!

Pedro will have his wonderful gluten free pasta and vegan Empanadas available again this Sunday.

Garden Bees are back this weekend with their delicious meadow, natural multi-flora, bush, honey dew and manuka honeys as well as their wonderful range of soaps, hand creams and beeswax – perfect for Christmas gifts.

Warning danger ahead – Lola’s French Bakery has a new treat this Sunday – almond chocolate croissant.  I’m already addicted to her almond croissants – what will this do to my waistline?  And why am I telling you about it … I don’t want to share them!



Cooking Demonstration

Don’t miss our weekly Cooking Demonstration from 10.30am with local Chefs cooking their favourite recipes with Farmers’ Market seasonal produce.


Pinoli is celebrating turning 20 this November and they wish to express the following to you all…

Twenty years, it’s been quite a journey and sounds like a long time but we are really just beginning – we’ve planted over 400,000 trees to keep us busy in the coming years!!! A big thank you to our Marlborough Farmers Market family and customers who have supported us on the journey so far – and here’s to the future.

Catch their special offer this week –  3 x 70g pine nut packs for just $20.



Happy Birthday Dear Pinoli.  Wow that is a lot of trees!

See you Sunday