July skies…

…are bringing us a mixed bag of weather.  From snow to sunshine – the Marlborough Farmers’ Market is open every Sunday morning with our cheery Farming Folk.  Keep an eye out this week for our Winter Café – come and join us for a great coffee and a Breakfast Feast, a Swiss Hot Sausage, or a South American Pie!

See you this Sunday from nine til noon at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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A large congratulations to our Marlborough Farmers’ Market Stallholders Nutt Ranch and Pinoli – both of whom scooped Awards at the recent Farmers Markets New Zealand 2017 Winter Food AwardsNutt Ranch got a Gold Medal for their ‘Hot & Spicy Hazelnuts’ and Pinoli won the ‘Tastiest Nut Section’.

Check out this link (http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/countrylife/audio/201851124/pining-for-nuts) to hear Pinoli‘s recent Radio New Zealand interview.


If you like to take care of the birds in your garden pick up a bargain at James’s Face Painting Stall – unique bird houses large $7 or small $5 – keep it rustic or have some fun with a DIY paint job!

Keep up your vitamin C from our Winter Stalls with mandarins at Jones’s Fruit or limes from Limrose.

Make a delicious Winter Veggie Soup from the great selection of vegetables on offer at Spudz n Greens.

Don’t miss Premium Game this week – grab a wild roast or delicious pack of game sausages.

Our weekly Farmers’ Market regulars include … Harwoods Produce, Face-painting, Koromiko Eggs, Marlborough Nursery, Ngamahau Fish, Pedros, Peter the Swiss Butcher, Riverina, Spudz n Greens, Traditional Country Preserves, and Koffie or Ritual.  There’s plenty more stalls popping up through Winter too – look out for Nutt Ranch, Premium Game, Feast Merchants, Limrose, Garden Bees and Purple Patch.


Gardener’s Flowering Diary – July

It’s time to keep on top of weeds to prevent major problems in Spring and a bit of shopping around the Farmers’ Market will soon help feed & brighten your garden.


  • Plant up pots, containers and hanging baskets with potted colour to brighten up the garden. Potted colour plants are great value and available from Rose at Marlborough Nursery.



  • Blend in a layer of sheep pellets (available from James’s Facepainting Stall) to Spring flower beds and allow to settle in for a month or so prior to planting.
  • Apply Clive’s Seaweed to existing bulbs plantings


“The basics of DIY Cosmetics…what are you wearing?


When you pick up a cosmetic, say a lipstick, do you ever turn it over and read the ingredients list?  If you can read the tiny print that is?  You will be astounded.  So many chemicals.

Making your own with a few natural ingredients is the way to go.  Save money, save the environment and use a cosmetic that is actually good for your skin.

I have discovered that a basic balm made with beeswax and oils can be turned into a whole range of desirable and useful skin care and cosmetics.





300g coconut oil

300g shea butter

300g beeswax (available at Garden Bees stall)

1tsp vitamin E oil



Melt the beeswax in a double boiler – 60 degrees celsius will be hot enough, no hotter – then add the coconut oil and shea butter.  Take off heat and let it melt together.  Add the vitamin E oil.  This is a basic balm that is ready for the additions of aroma, colour, texture or other ingredients.



  • Add baking soda to make a deodorant.
  • White camphor essential oil turns it into a chest rub to help with colds and decongestion.
  • Eucalyptus and tea tree oil are good as insect repellent.
  • Add rose or lavender to create a solid perfume.”