Hot News at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

I love the way the Market changes each week – there’s a new stallholder to meet, there’s something new and fresh in season, and the brunch options are always changing.  I took my daughter to the Market last week and she insisted on having one of Feast Merchant’s chocolate, strawberries and cream waffles – she consumed it in two minutes flat!  There’s also a fantastic range of gourmet options at DeBroods and Gourment Deli, and for those of you who prefer a ‘big breakfast’ I can highly recommend Thommys and Pedro’s.  Come and tickle your tastebuds, try the new stalls, and enjoy the fresh seasonal produce this Sunday…

…from nine til noon at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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Late Summer Highlights


As we head towards the end of summer it’s still bloomin’ lovely at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market courtesy of Marlborough Nursery, Helen’s Garden Plants and the bouquets available at Purple Patch.  It’s uplifting seeing the bunches of sunflowers all around the Showgrounds – I think they may be the top item purchased at the Market at the moment.  Purple Patch have consistently been planting more sunflowers each week and expect the season to last until Easter.  Statis is also in season – just $4 per bunch.



The season has also just started at Spudz N Greens for bi-coloured sweetcorn on the cob and buttercup squash.  Be an earlybird at this stall – the range of summer vegetables is fantastic!

Koromiko are offering a great deal on size 6 eggs – buy a tray of 30 for just $10.

New season organic Nashi pears are now available at Windsong, and a great range of plums of course too!

Koffie are great supporters of the Marlborough Farmers’ Market eco-cup.  Buy one for $12.50 at the Information Stall and get your first cup of coffee free.






Marlborough Farmers’ Market Commitment


The Committee comprises eight stallholders who work voluntarily to help make the Marlborough Farmers’ Market a great place to visit.  I caught up with our newest committee member Georgina from Nutt Ranch last week to find out all about Dukkah.

Nutt Ranch’s Dukkah is made from dry roasted hazelnuts and toasted seasoned spices to create a taste of the Middle East.  You can use it as a rub on meat, mix it with natural yoghurt as a marinade, or sprinkle it on pasta or potato salad for touch of crunch.

It pairs beautifully with Nutt Ranch’s Hazelnut oil on a summer platter.  Georgina makes the Hazelnut oil in small quantities to ensure it’s always fresh, and she has just released a new batch.

Nutt Ranch offer a delicious selection of their products for tasting and they are currently offering a Dukkah & Oil Combo for $14.




We’re delighted to welcome back Sharon from Heaven’s Scent with delicious spray-free Akane apples at $4 per kg.  For those of you who may not know, the cheery gentleman often spotted at the Information Stall is the Chairman of the Committee, Neville White.

To check out all of our Committee members please visit our website.








Cooking Demonstration


Don’t miss our weekly Cooking Demonstration from 10.30am with local Chefs cooking their favourite recipes with Farmers’ Market seasonal produce.


Displaying MFM - Kitchen Demo with Cranky Goat.jpg


The weekend we have been waiting all month for has come! Simon the Cranky Goat Cheese-Maker is taking the day off making magic and will be hosting a free cheese masterclass for all attending the Marlborough Farmers’ Market.

You will learn all about cheese pairings, delicious recipe ideas, and tips and tricks to using and storing your goat cheese to ensure you’re getting the best flavours.  Simon will be on hand after the demonstration to answer your cheesy questions.