Your Weekly Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

This week’s newsletter is sprinkled with herbs and other titbits.  We’ve got a great line up of stalls for you to enjoy on Sunday – there’s fresh farm fruit, vegetables and local produce – and of course delicious coffee & brunches.

See you this Sunday from nine til noon at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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Welcome Annies Home-made Butter!  This brand new stall produces a range of delicious butters – original, mint, garlic and caramel.  The butters are made from cows cream, and as there’s no added salt or preservatives it tastes quite different from shop bought.  You must try it!

Do try a sample of Windsong’s juicy plums – the following varieties are currently available: Fortune, Luisa, Elephant Heart and Hawera.

Say cheese please!  It was great to see Daniel from Kaikoura Cheese at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market last week with Ponsonby the goat and two delicious Tomme cheeses to try – the Quake surviving Goat Tomme ‘Te Morehu’ and the post Quake Cow Tomme.

Don’t miss the great range of Wild Meats available at Premium Game – venison, pork, rabbit and goat.  The availability changes each week so there’s always something new to try.

There’s always a great range of Locavore specials to choose from around the stalls.  You can find out all about our membership rewards at the Information StallPInoli have a great Summer Special – three 70g pine nut packs for $20.

The cake of the day at Feast Merchants is always a delight to the eye and the tastebuds.  Last week Fran’s garden provided the ingredients for the delicious rhubarb cupcake with lemon verbena butter cream.  MMMmmm.

Keeping it local!  Apologies everyone, as you know we’re big on food miles and stringently adhere to NZ Farmers’ Market regulations.  We did admittedly have a hiccough with a new stallholder a fortnight ago.  Eden Orchards happen to farm in both Marlborough and Central Otago and simply didn’t realise selling produce out with Marlborough didn’t meet regulations.  This stall – now selling locally grown apricots, nectarines, plums and peaches – is incredibly popular and I’m sure they’d be delighted to advise their other local retail outlets if you’re still seeking their cherries from Otago.  If you’re interested in becoming a stallholder please check out our website http://marlboroughfarmersmarket.co.nz/stall-info/

There’s something Fishy going on


Get your fresh fish straight from the Strait at Ngamahau – but be quick Helena sells out fast!  The choice varies each week – last week: whitebait, oysters, smoked fish and mussels.

Feeling peckish?  Try Pedro’s delicious gourmet empanadas – scallop mornay, chili garlic prawns, or smoked salmon – just $2 each or three for $5.




Cooking Demonstration


Don’t miss our weekly Cooking Demonstration from 10.30am with local Chefs cooking their favourite recipes with Farmers’ Market seasonal produce.  This week we look forward to watching Community stallholder Sigrun Steinhagen showcase spinach.

Spinach & Pear smoothies – available for tasting!

Tips and advice on the health benefits of spinach, and ideas on how to use spinach in everyday cooking.

Sigrun has a range of produce at her market stall including spray-free flat leaf parsley, mint, basil, mixed lettuce, rocket, walnuts, pears, and the delightful range of Manaaki Preserves.


Displaying Sigrun.jpg

Mississippi Herbs

There’s a lot more than herbs available at the Mississippi Herbs stall.  In addition to fresh basil, parsley, Italian parsley, sage, savory, rosemary, perennial basil and Vietnamese mint there’s beautiful baking, breads and oatcakes, and a range of seasonal vegetables  The recipe below works for both padrón and shishito peppers – both of which MIssissippi has in spades at present.




Pickled Padrón Pepper Recipe

Makes 3 pints


  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup white wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1/4 cup kosher or pickling salt
  • 1 tsp peppercorns per pint
  • 1 tsp celery seed per pint
  • 1 garlic clove per pint
  • 3/4 lb padrón (or other small) peppers



  • Bring the water, vinegar, sugar and salt to a boil until salt and sugar are fully dissolved. Set aside to cool.
  • Rinse and pat dry peppers.
  • Add garlic, peppercorns, celery seed and peppers to jars. Remember, 1 tsp of both peppercorns and celery seed per pint.
  • Cover with brine and seal.
  • Recommended use: since these peppers were not cook they need about a week to let the brine soften them.  Enjoy on their own, in a salad or as a Bloody Mary garnish!


RECIPE COURTESY OF MISSISSIPPI HERBS (http://theweeklypickle.com/week-30-pickled-padron-peppers/)