Your Weekly Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…


We’ve been so excited about the summer fruits this season that vegetables may have taken a backseat – but not anymore!  There’s a terrific range of veggies at Spudz N Greens and Field Fresh and with such bountiful produce available at this time of year you may consider preserving … jam, chutney, pickles and sauces.  Several stalls are selling fruit and vegetables in bulk at extremely reasonable prices, or you could take the easy way out … Traditional Country Preserves are hard to beat!

See you this Sunday from nine til noon at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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Still Life in Vegetable


The vegetables at Spudz N Greens are as pretty as a picture and as tasty as a masterpiece.  Shop early for the widest range available.  Fresh, Local, Delicious and Healthy!




Summer Highlights


By 10am last Sunday this lovely local lady’s basket was already fill to the brim with Farmers’ Market produce and she was enjoying a coffee with her family.  Looks tempting doesn’t it?


Sunday Brunch!  What to choose?  Gourmet Deli changes their menu weekly but they always serve a delicious hot breakfast.  (It has been noted that the Chairman of the Marlborough Farmers’ Market is addicted to their sausage rolls!)  Feast Merchants also regularly change their menu but are offering their scrumptious Feast Waffle with strawberries, chocolate and cream throughout summer.  Due to popular demand Mississippi Herbs have just put their cinnamon scrolls permanently on the menu, and I can highly recommend the apple strudel at de Brood BakkersThommy’s have a great range of big breakfast options straight from the grill, and Pedro’s offers a variety of yummy empanadas.  Mouth-watering choices aren’t they?

It’s peak season for cheerful sunflowers.  Purple Patch are selling bouquets for just $5, they grow four varieties of sunflowers including Vincent Choice, Vincent Green and Orange Premier.  Garden plants are blooming at Marlborough Nursery and Helen’s Plants – the plants change regularly so it’s worth checking their stalls weekly.

If you’re feeling a little blue … visit Marlborough Blueberries for spray-free, or Windsong for organic blueberries and treat yourself to some antioxidants.  If you fancy a little jam making … Birchgrove are selling tree-ripened peaches and apricots for just $5 per kilo, and Sommerville have large bags of strawberries available for $13.

If baking is on your mind you might like to try using duck eggs for a change – Traditional Country Preserves is selling them for 60c each.


Please keep up the great support for KAIKOURA CHEESE!  Due to constraints imposed by the recent earthquake this business is still not completely on it’s feet – so all of your support is greatly appreciated.  Daniel’s friends continue to come to Market each Sunday on his behalf with a range of Kaikoura Cheeses.  Last week Labneh, Tomme, The Harnet, Hikurangi and the newly released Dale.  Each week it’s a bit of surprise as to which cheeses have made it to Marlborough via boat or plane – but one thing’s for sure … they are all delicious!




Cooking Demonstration


Don’t miss our weekly Cooking Demonstration from 10.30am with local Chefs cooking their favourite recipes with Farmers’ Market seasonal produce.  This week we look forward to welcoming Roger Raizada from Roger’s Kitchen back to the Market.


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