Highlights from the Marlborough Farmers’ Winter Market…


Spring is in the air!  After you’ve visited the Winter Market and admired the bouquets of fresh cut flowers available, why not take a stroll along the river to see the wonderful installation of pottery daffodils for The Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day?  Check out what’s new below at the Winter Market and don’t forget to mark our AGM in your diaries.


See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Sheep Pavilion, A&P Showgrounds



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Eggs Koromiko

We are looking for nominations for the Marlborough Farmers’ Market Committee and we would like to encourage interested stallholders, customers and members of the public who would like to support our organisation to come and join us.

Nominations forms for committee members can be downloaded from our website or can be requested by emailing admin@marlboroughfarmersmarket.co.nz.

The AGM will be held on Tuesday, 20th September at 5.30pm in St Mary’s Parish Room on Maxwell Rd.




In the Limelight … Lemonade Fruit!


lemonadesI was interested to see a new fruit’s arrival at LimroseLemonades – so I did a bit of research on www.specialityproduce.com to find out more about it.  Sure enough you won’t find it in the supermarkets (just another great reason to visit our Market) because it’s not commercially grown.  And here’s yet another great reason to shop with us – Limrose has samples available for you to try.  500g bags of Limrose’s Lemonades or Limes are a bargain – just $2.50.

“The Lemonade fruit is produced from the Lemonade lemon tree, which is a hybrid between the common lemon and mandarin tree. First developed in Australia in the 1980’s, the Lemonade tree exhibits qualities of both parent varieties.

In appearance, Lemonade fruit looks and feels like a classic lemon. They are round to oval with smooth, lemon yellow skin and juicy, translucent yellow flesh. Their mandarin orange parentage is evident in their sweet aromatic flesh that similar to that of a mandarin can be easily segmented. The fruit of the Lemonade tree is less acidic than other citruses and when used in a beverage does not need sugar added.

The Lemonade fruit’s sweet flavor can lend itself to several applications: sweet, savory, cooked, raw, juiced, preserved even pickled. Its flavor marries well with cucumbers, avocados, tropical fruits, other citrus, fresh herbs such as thyme, basil and lavender, robust cheeses, seafood and poultry. Use Lemonade fruit juice in marmalade, jams, cocktails, vinaigrette, sauces and syrups. Use in lieu of lemon or oranges where zest, garnish and citrus rind are called for.”






 Pedro’s Caravan needs a mirror ball!!!


Pedros CaravanIt’s easy to be eager to visit Pedro’s Empanadas – they are simply delicious – four empanadas for just $5: gluten free, chicken, spicy beef, venison, roast pumpkin, refried beans & salsa.  But before you rush to brunch, take a step back from Pedro’s caravan … and admire it.  It’s an absolute retro beauty, pop-top and all.  Just quietly, it may even have the fanciest stall interior – it’s carpeted!  Which makes it perfect for Pedro to go glamping when he’s not selling empanadas!




Whopper Walnuts


whopper walnutsThese big beauties are available at several stalls, including Jones’s Fruit and Traditional Country Preserves, in a variety of weights.  Margaret freezes then lightly roasts the walnuts before making the Traditional Country Preserves Chocolate Walnut Fudge, just $3 (Russian and Chocolate fudge varieties also available and equally delicious).  You must try it!






After shopping at Spudz N Greens and Koromiko

Let’s cook Potato Crust Pie


This is an old favourite and is more like a guideline than a precise recipe

 Spuds n Greens

  • Grate 2 packed cups of raw potato and squeeze out moisture. Stir in 1/4 cup grated onion, 1 beaten egg, and salt and pepper. Press mix into bottom and up sides of oiled 23cm pie pan. Bake 200C for 30 mins. Decrease temp to 190, brush crust with a little oil and bake for a further 5-10 mins until golden.
  • Saute 1 cup of chopped onion and garlic in butter 5 mins. Add a head of broccoli cut into smaller pieces (or any other vegetables), cover and cook 10 mins, stirring occasionally til nearly cooked. Add chopped herbs of choice, salt and pepper.
  • Spread 3/4 cup grated cheese over baked crust, top with the sauteed veges and top with some more grated cheese.
  • Beat 2 eggs and 1/2 cup milk, pour over the veges. Dust top with paprika and bake at 190C for 35-40 mins.