With School Holidays drawing to a close the Winter Market is the perfect place to unwind, brunch and shop with the kids…


Highlights this week include stall spotlights on Marlborough Nursery and Purple Patch, and a delicious yet inedible recipe!


Come and join the bustle of the Winter Market this Sunday – we have the freshest range of produce in Marlborough!  Delicious fruit for kids’ lunchboxes, healthy nuts and vegetables, yummy honey and cheeses, free range eggs, spring blooms, delectable brunches and coffee, and much, much more…


See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Winter Farmers’ Market!


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Come and start your Sunday morning with a delicious Koffie coffee and brunch from Pedro’s Empanadas or Thommys



It’s your last week to grab your telegraph cucumbers and tomatoes at Harwoods.  It’s the end of season and Dave’s taking a break next week.

Super delicious new batches of Blackcurrent Jam and Blackcurrent & Raspberry Sauce are now available at Traditional Country Preserves for just $8.  Margaret told me the sauce was great with game meats but I’m saving mine for ice-cream!

Early-birds catch the fresh veggies at Spudz N Greens and Field Fresh.  Visit the Market early if you don’t want to miss out on the great range available – with such reasonable prices they sell out fast!





Stall Spotlight this week …


Marlborough Nursery


Winter Market



The cheerful blooms that greet you upon entering the Winter Market are courtesy of Marlborough Nursery.   Rose and Rob bought their property on the corner of Old Renwick and Hammerichs Roads 18 months ago.  Initially attracted to the original villa on the property, they are now also the proud owners of Marlborough Nursery and the greenhouses originally built for Kinzett’s tomatoes.  When they’re not moonlighting in a law firm they are spending their time repairing the greenhouses and building up their business  – specialising in plants and seedlings well suited to Marlborough’s climate.  They have a wonderful range of plants available at the Market – grown locally so they are all acclimatised to our region.  If you enjoy gardening this stall is well worth a visit.








Purple Patch


purple patch

Colin and Judy at Purple Patch have been living in Tuamarina on three acres for the past 25 years.  I suspect the name of their stall may derive from the 1,000 lavender plants on the property!  They sell some great varieties of lavender during the Summer market – different varieties from those usually sold in chain stores – such as Pacific Blue and Grosso  which lavender oil can be distilled from.  At present they have a delightful range of fruit (their top-selling Don’t Know  apple variety and persimmons) and lovely flowers available.



Natural Remedy




There’s a great range of raw ingredients to be found at the Marlborough Farmers’ Winter Market – not just for cooking recipes, but for natural remedies too!  Nutt Ranch now has hazelnut and walnut oil available, and you can buy beeswax at Garden Bees.  According to Essential Oils Natural Remedies by Althea Press, “Hazelnut oil has a light, sweet, nutty aroma and a pale yellow colour.  Because it penetrates rapidly, it is a good choice for all-around aromatherapy use and is popular for making massage oil designed for those who suffer from oily skin.”  “According to Dr Cathy Wong, walnut oil may aid in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis, warts, and canker sores.  As this oil is rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, it is also an excellent choice for nourishing and replenishing dry, damaged skin.”

I like to add 50 drops of lavender essential oil to 100mls hazelnut oil to make a relaxing, anxiety relieving massage oil, and I’ve found the following recipe to make a luxurious restorative hand cream.




Vitamin E & Lavender Hand Cream

MAKES 100gmsWalnut Oil - Nutt Ranch


10gms Beeswax
70gms Walnut Oil
70gms Warm Water
3 drops each of Vitamin E & Lavender essential oils



Gently melt the beeswax and walnut oil in a heavy bottomed saucepan with a spout.

Once the wax has melted let it cool slightly, then add the essential oils.

Put the water (warm to the touch) in a mixing bowl.  Pour the saucepan ingredients in and blend until the emulsion is thick, white and completely smooth.  Scoop into two 50 gms jars.



Nutt ranch carrier oils